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Girl black to racial variation tan how white back

Date: 2017-10-23
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According to media reports, a recent girl playing a few days at the beach, black to racial variation even my mother can not recognize it. Black to racial changes much black, ah, in fact, very common tan, then you know how to turn back to the black?

Girl black to racial variation

  What is the highest state of being tanned? Recently a little girl gave the answer! My parents are a wonderful gift, say their cousin's children, go to the beach to play for 4,5 days, and then come back to "gene mutation, race variation"!

  See the photo after their own eyes, face is also darker than Bao Zheng, sure not fall into the dye tank?

However, in order to prevent everyone do not believe that users are also released on the individual microblogging the first 3 days of a small video, the little girl wearing swimsuit, the beach is very happy, the little girl this time in fact has begun to "black".

  Tanning is very common in summer, but it is the first time to see it. Then you know how the general tan white come back?

Tanning whitening method

  1, attaining

  Soak the make-up cotton soak in the make-up water for a few minutes, if the conditions, it is best to put the refrigerator for 10 minutes, it will be affixed to the face hot, can quickly relieve the burning sensation of the face.

  2, to dead skin

  About 3 days to 1 week, the visual condition to improve the degree of exfoliating maintenance . In addition, exfoliating, even if the emphasis is very delicate scrub products, massage techniques should be very gentle, about 3 minutes can be washed, as far as possible to avoid irritating the skin, may wish to use a mild and effective exfoliating ingredients, reduce and facial friction Time, you can quickly get rid of the skin haze, so that better follow-up maintenance.

  3, vinegar + salt

  3: 3, with a good mix of wet towels to wet, rub in the face, sooner or later the time, (if you want to rub more than one or two Times no problem friends), the effect is good Oh, and effective soon, the skin will become white, acne will be gone.

  4, barley flour

  Use barley flour, add a tsp in 1000CC of water, when drinking water to drink, not only for the skin is good, there are weight loss effect . Because barley diuretic effect, can reduce the swelling, the skin is also a great effect on whitening.

  5, add vitamins

  Vitamin A, C, E, etc., not only can regulate the performance of the human body and improve immunity, but also improve the skin tissue, inhibit pigmentation, so eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, such as tomatoes , hawthorn, orange, cabbage, Can be timely for the skin to add vitality.

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