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Hainan Airlines first flight 789 first flight Wi-Fi, VR glasses turn cool trip

Date: 2016-06-14
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海航首架789首航 Wi-Fi、VR眼镜开启炫酷之旅


Figure: the passenger experience VR glasses on Hainan Airlines Boeing 787-9 aircraft.

  Civil Aviation Resource Net June 13, 2016 News: June 13, Hainan Airlines first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner first flight fly HU7281 Haikou - Beijing flight, Hainan Airlines "Dream +, a new experience," the inaugural 787-9 the ceremony and launch new products successfully held machine, Po Ming, vice president of Hainan Airlines, Hainan Air Traffic Control Lan Jian, deputy director of Hainan, the Hainan Provincial Committee of Communist Youth League organization Department Liu Zhongcheng, Boeing aerospace Corporation and other leaders attended the event.

Po Ming, vice president of Hainan Airlines said the Boeing 787 is the world's most advanced models, the introduction of the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is Hainan Airlines first 11 787, and this year is Hainan Airlines and the Boeing Strategic Cooperation The first 23 years. The dream again upgrade, Hainan Airlines has become the US routes 787 largest fleet operator, Greater China and has the largest 787 fleet.



Figure: Hainan Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner cabin.


  Hainan Airlines for the first time to organize a new conference on the machine product, service experience comprehensive upgrade. According to deputy general manager of Hainan Aviation Services Ouyang Chen introduced the 787-9 model launch new products include machines Wi-Fi service, the new inflight entertainment system, high-end upgrade the machine, BOSE headphones. Guests can use their own laptops Pad and e-mail during the flight, micro-channel, send microblogging, browsing the web, enjoying a new travel experience. At the same time, Panasonic's latest advanced eX3 entertainment system and the introduction of virtual reality (VR) technology, coupled with a full cabin noise BOSE headphones, so that visitors can take a panoramic view of the video in the air, all for guests to bring fun and innovative service experience, experience the cutting-edge technology brings surprises.

  Figure: Deputy General Aviation Services Ouyang morning experience on Hainan Hainan Airlines Boeing 787-9 aircraft on Wi-Fi.


  At the same time, this conference for the first time in the air to achieve meters altitude live, global users by Sina, Netease live platform for event information in real time, for the majority of Internet users has brought the Internet to disseminate new experience. 2016 "Super Girl" player representatives also brings wonderful guitar playing and singing for the guests, and also announced the launch of a new "super female version Safety", which will be the Hainan Airlines following the "opera", "gourd doll", "drunk after oxygen in Hainan, "the latest innovative machine safety instructions video.



  Figure: Hainan Airlines Get a free round-trip ticket to the poor of Candidates by Hainan Provincial Communist Youth League.

  Good wing sail, sail dream. At the same time to achieve its own rapid development, Hainan Airlines has not forgotten "do something for society, do something for others," the spirit of enterprise culture. The annual college entrance examination season just ended, the third consecutive year, Hainan Airlines started "Good wings - my university dream" public projects, and announced at the inaugural ceremony, the Hainan Provincial Committee of Communist Youth League through the difficult economic conditions of the families of Candidates Get 10 free round-trip ticket, help poor students to open dream trip.

 Future, Hainan Airlines will be high-quality products and services, extensive route network, advanced models to SKYTRAX five-star service and quality of the world's safest airlines Top5, and provide the best opportunity for visitors to experience.


Figure: Hainan Airlines Xu Ming, vice president of the US Boeing company representative photo.



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