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VR and 3D printing: Who is the scientific community's obscenity?

Date: 2016-06-13
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3D printing and VR between the "scramble"

Recently, I happened to see the circle of friends in this sentence: 3D printing is a high-tech benefit of mankind, VR is an obscenity, compared to the experience of VR stuff, 3D printing is the real practical things for humanity. As a 3D printing industry practitioners, these words aroused the interest of the author, we'll simply to a simple comparative analysis of it.


3D Printing and VR in the end who is the scientific community's obscenity

Follow Technology friends recently may be a word repeated impact on brain cells, and that is VR. Since I attended a tech event CES Asia after 2016, he found the show a number of new VR almost takes a whole day to be able to experience it again, VR large number of exhibitors of products can be used almost half of the country to describe their excitement level only two years 3D before printing can match it.


CES Asia 2016 exhibition site, VR accounted for half of the exhibits

Two years ago, 3D printing in the end how the fire it? It can be described as: If you go to a cafe, just find a place to sit down and have a chance to hear other people talking about print 3D. And 2016 will reportedly be the first year of VR, I suddenly felt this sentence seems very familiar, because in 2013, people have said this year is the first year of 3D printing, this 3-year period, so soon regime change?

3D printing: change the way manufacturing

The so-called 3D printing, i.e., a technique of rapid prototyping, which is a model of a digital document based on the use of metal or plastic powder, layer by layer manner by printing techniques to construct the object. 3D printing is not a new technology, which was born in the 1980s, now it has more than 30 years of development history. But no matter how to say, from 2012 Obama chanted "We use 3D printing to save the United States defeated China" moment, 3D printing really perceived by the public, and then gradually into human life.


 3D printing is also called "increasing material manufacturing," a new generation of insurgents is called the manufacturing sector, have described it is not without reason. With traditional CNC (Computer numerical control abbreviation, computer numerical control machine) different processing methods, 3D printing is entirely digital, and the use of materials stacked manner, and will not result in waste material.


  Traditional manufacturing may lead to a huge waste of material, for example, you take a chunk of pure gold bullion to engrave a plaque using conventional cutting and other processes, we do not know how much material is wasted. Moreover, 3D printing process is fully automated, almost no one in the field of care and duty. Another advantage is that the 3D technology, without any mold or machining can produce any shape of the parts directly from computer graphics data, thus greatly shortening the product development cycle, improve productivity and reduce costs.


  In addition to saving material outside, 3D printing also optimize the manufacturing sector. Compared with the conventional manufacturing technology, 3D printing without prior manufacturing mold, also without going through a complex process of forging a final product can be obtained, and therefore, can be achieved in the production of structural optimization, saving material and saving energy. 3D printing technology for the development of new products, rapid single and small batch parts manufacturing, manufacturing, mold design and manufacturing and other complex shapes. Thus, 3D printing industry has been more and more attention at home and abroad, will be the next sunrise industry has broad development prospects.


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