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VR head was known as the lightest multi-indole push 2K resolution VR glasses

Date: 2016-06-09
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OFweek wearable device Reuters June 6 news, VR startups more indole (dlodlo) in Beijing today announced a formula of VR glasses sunglasses appearance: multi-indole V1. The glasses abandon the bulky shape of the traditional device with a variety of wearing the harness strap that looks like a thicker section of large sunglasses, quite stylish.

The VR glasses debut in May 2015 in the CES Asia, it was still one machine design, hoping to create a movie for playback of consumer VR glasses. A year later, the entire virtual reality industry have undergone tremendous changes to the three manufacturers have shipped, Google launched Daydream platform, major mobile phone manufacturers have also launched their own VR products. Based on this change, more indole team adjusted the direction, one product for the split design evolution through the data line is driven by a computer or other terminal.

In addition, multi-indole and he devised a mobile device called D-BOX, but the conference did not disclose. According to the official website of information, D-BOX is a device similar to a mobile phone, the use of Ultra-Octa processor allwinner technology and POWER VR G6230 GPU, running the Android 5.1-based custom system.

号称最轻VR头显 多哚推2K分辨率VR眼镜


According to CEO Li Gang introduced multi-indole, indole V1 by weight more than last year dropped to 128g 78g, about one-sixth of an existing helmet, and the thickness is controlled at 16mm.

V1 equipped with a 2K (2560X1024) resolution HD screen and 9-axis gyroscope, and an optical imaging system having a bionic temporal anticipation algorithm technique has two advantages. Multi-indole CTO Longshoudan Lun said, through these two systems, V1 can achieve 100 degrees of viewing angle, 90HZ refresh rate and lower than the dynamic delay of 10ms. V1 has IPD adjustment range 60-70mm support myopic lenses custom somatosensory interaction within 300 degrees and equipment.

Present use of VR glasses helmet is designed mainly for the viewing light-shielding considerations, and sunglasses because of its shape, in theory, its light-shielding does not achieve good results. In addition, desktop-class graphics are slightly difficult at this stage when the drive 2K resolution content, with the main mobile D-BOX experience of such mobile devices to drive 2K resolution VR content, the ability to be able to stand is also a problem.

Unfortunately, the multi-indole official did not disclose details about the V1 glasses at this conference, there is no experience of V1 glasses available, so we moderation and do not understand the actual display for this VR glasses wearing .

Multi-indole officials say will be held on August 8 conference in New York listing, the price will be announced and detailed information, will provide experience for the prototype.


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