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[Science] VR virtual reality What does it mean? My God so magical?

Date: 2016-06-13
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Virtual Reality Technology Application in the game:

From the current point of view, compared to interplanetary travel, or genetic modification and other sci-fi sounds distant prospect, many people also believe that in this generation's lifetime to be able to experience a virtual reality game, can not even surreal effect, should be at least also by wearing a helmet, wearing a suit somatosensory immersive way to play online games. I believe that now most of the players, just to be able to complete real-time first-person way to achieve their various actions in the game world, enough to make them satisfied.

【科普】VR虚拟现实是什么意思? 我的天呐 这么神奇?


Virtual reality has been called the last advanced technology, mostly to enrich the gameplay by a laser gun game peripherals, such as Nintendo once VRboy, Oculus market now Rift, Project Morpheus is the use of a closed environment to maximize the screen restore the player's sense of substitution.

Na Suoni Project Morpheus, it can create a seamless link as PS Camera, DualShock 4 and PS Move handle equipment and the latest generation of consoles Sony PS4 game consoles and peripherals. It can be said that Sony PS platform has had development and sales infrastructure, their first-party developers can develop so virtual reality games. But the industry believes that the range of this type of game development costs and development cycle, its large scale will take time.

No matter how virtual reality technology will lead to changes in the gaming industry, which itself can not stop the pace, in a broad sense, its application to start the game, of course not limited to the game, perhaps in the near future, immersive enter to online games in the world will be possible.

Social impact of virtual reality technology:

In addition to games, virtual reality can be used for disaster simulation, students can simulate a variety of relief measures in case of fire, earthquake in virtual reality.

Medical, there are generally two types of virtual reality applications. First, the virtual human body, which is the digital human body, so doctors mannequin easier to understand the body's structure and function. Another is the virtual surgery system, which can be used to guide surgery.

【科普】VR虚拟现实是什么意思? 我的天呐 这么神奇?


Militarily, the use of virtual reality technology to simulate the course of the war has become the most advanced research better and more economical war, commander of the training method. Since the virtual reality technology also reached a high level, so although not to conduct nuclear tests, but also to the continuous improvement of nuclear weapons. War in laboratory testing program scheduled for combat also can play a significant role.

Entertainment on the application of virtual reality is the most extensive use. Give people the greatest experience that is said before the games.

In these virtual reality scenarios, positive, full of educational course has it, but there are many of them doped some negative elements. Perhaps mankind will become more and more closed, like virtual things interact, and gradually reduce the reality of others exchange; As the virtual reality brings more than the daily sensory experience and interaction, people will gradually become technology We must rely more and more inert. These negative elements worth considering, virtual reality technology development of what is a good change or a bad coming of age.


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