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Apple will announce VR or strategy? Can a new experience?

Date: 2016-06-12
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March this year, the network out of the apple VR conceptual diagram, for a time, Apple will release message VR device becomes popular Web search information. And there will be Apple Developers Conference WWDC 16 the upcoming June 13 evening 23:00 start on Apple VR more news? In fact, I believe this is of concern to many people.

If this WWDC Apple announced VR device message, then there would not be surprising, on the one hand and now VR industry has entered a relatively high speed of development, but the market has not matured stage, the major manufacturers faced the same VR opportunities; on the other hand, Apple many years ago there were already VR-related programs, with the VR industry trend of rapid development of the program and then again on the agenda, I believe that it is not impossible.


Apple VR projects prior to Oculus, HTC for many years, as early as Steve Jobs NeXT flee when it has been started, we can say that for decades leading the entire technology industry. But for various reasons it was eventually abandoned. Apple VR year project called QuickTime VR, it is not really available VR image based on the video, but still images. These images are stitched together to create a 360 ° view, in the year can be quite stunning.

However, like many technology products, if not present at the right time, it is easy to fail, just as the tablet that.


Now, with the rapid development of the VR industry, as well as user desire for VR equipment, coupled with video technology, hardware technology, imaging technology matures, VR has become a critical point under the technology industry, as well as a benchmark technology industry brand, Apple can provide users with a better experience of VR equipment, but also a lot of people are looking for things, then the June 13 WWDC Apple can give us a surprise? Let us look forward to it!


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