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Neural networks use Google works to make VR experience the stream of consciousness narrative directi

Date: 2016-06-08
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VR technology in film and television entertainment has become without a doubt one of the directions, but both traditional film and television workers or VR creative studio, in terms of narrative VR still not much progress. Recently, Jonathan Sims inventive special effects people use Google's neural network system Deep Dream, produced 360 video called "Dreamtime" experience and I hope that the audience into a stream of consciousness like a dreamland.

Neural networks make use Google dream machine

Jonathan Sims in effects work, he uses four months of this creation called "Dreamtime" experience, he also is "X-Men: Apocalypse" produced effects. "I always want others to experience my dreams, VR I realized this ideal." Sims said. From the picture point of view, "Dreamtime" main screen is a road, the sky is filled with a kaleidoscope of various modifications of animal images, while the screen shows a series of billboards dream scene description, such as "child's voice "" alone "and so on.

If you think these kaleidoscopic picture look familiar, then it proves that you are a sensitive science news junior partner. Screen "Daydream" appearing in the video, in fact, comes from Google's neural network system Deep Dream. In simple terms, Deep Dream system is a bit like a human cognitive process - the mass of scientists to image information "feed" system, Deep Dream after learning, you can picture the graphic to "Imagine" related images.

《月球时代的白日梦》(Moonage Daydream)


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