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VR on-line audio player vrAMP make visual sense of melody more entities

Date: 2016-06-06
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Start times from the distant era of Windows Media Player, and even more ancient Winamp (which should not be forgotten the name of it), "visualization" seems to have been a lot of popular audio player developers have added one to pursue bored. Although some baffling in layman's view, but according to some rumors, the trend that seems to be traced back to the hippie movement during the first 60 years of the last century - many of that time "beat generation" eager to take each kinds of pleasure but physical harm strange drugs, then the illusion efficacy attack generated created a myriad of ethereal melodies sung so far - in fact, Psychedelic Rock this genre is so produced.

Of course, cynicism prevalent in contemporary, this trend has been blowing in the wind is not too surprising to find to be seen, whether WMP or Winamp music visualizations attempt, the final outcome is not popular are dismal. However, despite the situation in the flat-panel display proved contemporary music listeners do not eat that, but if replaced VR this "immersive" visual environment then?


The answer is critical nonetheless - at least from VR visual music player feedback Virtual Desktop view, many young players have said this visual effect "very attractive"; With this good precedent, naturally there will be other studio was encouraged to launch their own products, for example, just Steam shelves vrAMP (which is what the name stems Needless to say it ...... Also, I really have some doubts Qiaoxia the name of the man did not pay attention Caps lock key) is another excellent examples: Virtual Desktop and audio player is different, and this supports Vive Rift VR visualization music player with an obvious visual effects more "real sense", in other words, and even "lucy in the sky with diamonds" such classic psychedelic masterpiece is not so dissonant, at least Trance style tune up control problem or not, the electronic pill enthusiasts may wish to try.

Incidentally, vrAMP currently still in early beta, so inevitably there will be deficiencies in functionality, but this support for Steam refund sales platform, the problem does not seem great. Further, in addition to the music player, in fact, we can discover restart once more popular in the field of traditional desktop the moment but with the passage of time the software has now disappeared, and let them reproduce the brilliant in the VR environment - if you look at this topics are interested, do not miss the recent VR content Oh man.


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