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VR glasses to play with Windows, in the end is a kind of operating experience

Date: 2016-06-03
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Starting today, Windows users are the addition of a new play. They can by means of a new software, the Windows operation was moved to VR head.

According to TechnoBuffalo reports, this Windows application called Vitural Desktop, it was there to support the head of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Windows users to manipulate the VR head up display, to do this follow these steps:

Vitural purchase Vitural Desktop installation from Steam or other official channels Desktop, the VR head was open Vitural Desktop computer access if able to do so, connect VR glove special handling may return more realistic VR experience, which will certainly than using a traditional mouse and keyboard come with a sense.


Currently, Vitural Desktop is already compatible with Windows operating part. Vitural Desktop users can use to control Windows host web browsing, watching Netflix videos, and for other functions.

In addition, Technobuffalo said that the video presentation is just a first preview version.

In addition to outside the function is not perfect, it will take some Bug. Vitural Desktop team will be introduced to improve the official version in the future will be, and will be priced at $ 14.99 to put the sale on Steam.


For the average user, it would be on an innovative interactive manipulation.

Last, Leap Motion appearance for computer users is the new experience of operating on by waving a finger in the air will be able to complete the click, drag, zoom and other operations, freshness greatly enhanced.

Today, Vitural Desktop VR head and was added to allow this interaction further freshness. The visual and somatosensory interaction further integration, to achieve a more "real" operating experience.

 Or in the future, everyone can be like "Iron Man" Tony Stark as control computer. From now it appears that this is not a very distant goal.


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