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In order to give the user to wear a helmet, we all fight. How about Apple's VR/AR ?

Date: 2016-04-26
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VR market potential and development of related technology contradictory problems may lead to Apple chose to enter the market later time, or even give up the opportunity.


This year MWC 2016 Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain, the smart phone is still bright, but attention is not lost smart phones as well as access to a smart phone accessories, including VR virtual reality helmet is undoubtedly the biggest focus. Many related virtual display products, or new debut, or coming soon, but Apple does not seem to matter.  

VR indeed become one of Apple's interest, although not recognized, but Apple's financial resources, into the field is a natural thing. However, VR market potential and development of related technology contradictory problems may lead to Apple chose to enter the market later time, or even give up the opportunity.

Everyone knows that the market has great potential VR

 According to research firm Gartner expects 2020 shipments of equipment in the field of VR will exceed 40 million, the scale of 40 billion. While another agency TrendForc forecast, the total market value in 2016 year VR will be able to rise to $ 6.7 billion. 

We can see, Facebook's Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will be formally listed, and Samsung's Gear VR directly as complimentary when Galaxy S7 accessories purchase. Obviously, the MWC major smart phone manufacturers began to gamble VR field, because many analysts believe that the VR will be in the field next most lucrative, who do not want it quickly occupied the high ground?

The above may also ignore some smartphone vendors that LG, at MWC 2016 Conference announced its massive virtual reality first phone accessories LG 360 VR. At present, the new flagship G5 VR peripherals to smartphone as graphics computation engine, an independent display screen, so look what G5 No really qualified for this task is still unknown.


Which may make LG disappointment when after many MWC site media commented that the trial, 360 VR doing a bit rough, one of the biggest problems is too tight, because unlike other virtual reality helmet that provides a large display screen and directly using a smartphone display (such as Samsung's Gear VR).

There is a problem, testers clearly felt the presence of light leakage LG 360 VR, G5 performance used VR also poor. Leaky easy to fix, but the performance is to the switches can be solved, the next generation of LG will take into account more.

In addition to supporting VR for smartphones, Sony and Microsoft also have their own VR or AR products such as PlayStation VR and HoloLens. However, the end of the lap MWC show, it was discovered that Apple in this area, has lagged.

Does that mean that Apple does not do anything to prepare? No.

When the end of January there was news that Apple has set up hundreds of secret research and development team, many of whom are leading experts in the field who VR and VR technology for Apple's acquisition of a lot. Cook, Apple's head even pointed out that virtual reality is not just a niche product, not only very cool, but the future will have a lot of interesting applications.

In the current trend in the field of VR, VR Apple no reason not to be a huge investment. But the question is, nobody really knows what the VR market, in fact, we look at each one article on VR experience, not difficult to find almost every actual experience of testers are expressed VR market potential and development of related technology contradiction.

Back to the basics of basic problems.

VR field currently exists a fundamental problem, and that is the same problem with early 3D TV, 3D is now on the market basically is a failure a foregone conclusion. The key elements of this problem is, stereoscopic 3D Why do not look at all natural.

Many in-depth experience of those who have made it clear that they are plagued by the phenomenon of VAC. VAC (vergence-accommodation conflict) phenomenon is called visual vergence conflict adjust academically. 

First to explain the so-called focus (vergence) will be like that of the human eye "lens" as convexity adjustment to make objects on the retina a clear image. The convergence (accommodation) is in the eye rotation two eyes pointing at the object in focus. In simple terms, in the natural world, when the human eye to focus and converge to an object, the object distance should other are vague, just as the camera's focus, focus and convergence distances are always equal.

The 3D or VR will experience visual vergence adjusting conflicts, focus and convergence distances are not equal, resulting in movement of both nerves connected to forced separation, by allowing the eyes converge at different distances deceive the brain to produce a depth of field 3D visual effects, and no matter where the human eye focusing, imaging an object from the other is clear.

However, the vision does not comply with the principle of regulating the influx nature of the human eye law, focus on eyes fixed on the screen, the light emitted by the screen no depth information, and therefore the focus of the eye to adjust to such a feeling of depth do not match, that is, VAC and, therefore, the brain gets confused for a long time can cause visual fatigue, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms.


Today all the world's stereoscopic 3D systems, both TV and the PC screen, or a VR helmet glasses, both VAC phenomenon, and not a good temporary solution. Ultimately, VAC phenomenon makes 3D market decline fade, people are tired of watching 3D, even without symptoms of vertigo.

VR care program aims to solve some of the problems of the 3D display, with about two display screens to play video content to achieve superposition, because the eye can see on the screen is limited to things, it is better to eliminate ghosting, VR part of a single screen even hardly see ghosting. Provide a more immersive experience. In addition, VR also compared to the general 3D synchronization latency characteristics. But then again, still unable to overcome the phenomenon of VAC, the entire industry no one can provide an effective solution.

Microsoft HoloLens helmet no VAC phenomenon?

Many programs holographic phenomenon does not exist VAC, without the need to wear special glasses, you can focus on the immediate target, so be careful not to look, its visual difference is always there. Microsoft has said in HoloLens can get a realistic experience "holographic 3D" images, in fact, this statement is not accurate, because it is only in the real in the background, providing 3D stereoscopic image, so it will have the same phenomenon VAC .

However, it is clear HoloLens can bring a better experience, it is very obvious VAC phenomenon does not, after all, the device is based on the concept of AR and design, build and do not always exhibit a complete 3D panorama. Obvious flaw is the virtual object seen only a narrow range, can not reach 200 degrees horizontal human eye, so in less than a complete range of viewing angles of 100 degrees, focusing and converging the distance difference is small, VAC phenomenon It can be reduced or even eliminated.

 Many HoloLens application also provides a good proof, such as virtual out on the physical wall projection screen, the visual effect is basically non-existent VAC phenomenon. More importantly, the wearer can also look around for other things, the physical world does not exist VAC phenomenon, which is equivalent to the eyes to rest, prolonged wear used.

 Apple will not guess how to choose?

Whether VR or AR, at the various mobile device manufacturers think their most attractive place that can provide large screen viewing experience, to resolve the conflict between the mobile portability and screen size of. Currently cross-border equipment is a compromise, but if we can provide a compact smartphone users glasses helmet solutions to achieve immediate bring a "super-maximum" screen viewing experience, presumably there will be more users to pursue the trend in the future.

But so far, glasses and helmets apparently did not reach the ideal state, VR helmets are too bulky, and too many restrictions Google glasses, but also too conspicuous. Similarly, Microsoft's HoloLens look is one of the best products, but still bulky, portability insufficient. 

Apple's thinking, may not be used similar to the Samsung Gear VR interface program, not even by using a smart phone socket connection, such programs currently exist a number of drawbacks, limiting use very much. HoloLens programs may meet Apple's vision, and AR applications scenes broader, can render 3D content as real to the real world, but Apple will not be used as a standalone device, but with the matching iPhone, Apple does not substantially We will consider to create independent autonomous eco-friendly products.

Logically terms, preferably connected VR or AR Accessories wireless forms and iPhone mainly provides computing and graphics processing capabilities, providing content to a display similar to the "goggles" on accessories. Content can be the entire screen of the iPhone, can also be selective notification, video or games, if also support the use of gestures to interact even more splendid, and on the big screen looks more like a substitute for operating the PC. However, one of the synchronization delay problems may also exist, if VR is still unavoidable VAC issues.


Apple is one of the strengths of sophisticated technology to transform it to consumers or business users more practical. If so, either VR or AR, Apple's priority issues will include problem solving awkward to use when in public. Furthermore, the problem of small screens of mobile devices must also be addressed, such as Cook called it "more useful in many fields."

Microsoft HoloLens is one of the most advanced product of the AR, but also can not make copies of the same industry. In other words, Apple not only to achieve this, the completion of the revolutionary movement on the man-machine interface, but also to create their own programs for adults who are easy-to-use products that allow users to carry.

In short, the entire field of smart phones continued to slow down, VR and AR become one of the most smart phone manufacturers to give fresh impetus to the growth of mobile phone solutions. Apple has complete autonomy ecosystem, Flex is one of the advantages, but what Apple's choice is it? The future is more likely to achieve major breakthroughs in AR Augmented Reality? Or after the perspective and shading are resolved, in front of the lens can transform a block of VR Virtual Reality?

Without the ability to implement the landmark, and can not provide the consumer can accept the price and experience, in order to have action Apple may have to continue to wait for a long time. Of course, Apple may choose not to enter the field of VR, but rather consider working with a third party in order to reduce risk.


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