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Stay up all night is ugly and stupid to stay up late

Date: 2017-10-30
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Do you know how to stay up late? According to the latest study found that staying up late will make people become ugly stupid. In fact, stay up all night is not just ugly stupid, it has other hazards, go and see it.

 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine has been born, is an American scientist, his research is staying up late is ugly ugly, his study found that if a person broke the circadian rhythm, will suffer from a lot of disease , And the appearance of people will become more ugly, and even once again proved that staying up late will lead to cancer . This one of the Nobel Prize reveals that telling people to stay up all night really have a lot of harm, for health for longevity, please stop staying up late.

How can it stay up late to health what kind of harm? We are still comprehensive to find out.

  1, the state of the skin is getting worse. We often describe the people who often stay up all night is thin and thin, stay up late people look dull, very dull, the skin is very rough, the whole person seems to be listless, long stay up late people's skin easy long acne long Spots, but also because the skin is not shiny, the whole person will look more aging.

  2, vision is getting worse. The people who stay up all night will be longer with the eyes, as long as the people are sober, eyes are open, and now stay up all the people because there are some habits and hobbies, or is playing computer games, or Is the chase, there are some overtime, and these activities have to use the eyes, the eyes do not get enough rest, it will become dry, tired, stay up late people are prone to panda eyes.

3, low immunity. There is intention to study that people stay up all night will reduce the immunity, stay up late three days later, the human immunity is almost 0, this time any kind of bacteria and viruses may violate the human body lead to disease, if a person with their own immunity is very low , Often stay up late is likely to suffer from cancer.

  4, memory will drop straight. Originally people's memory will gradually decline with age, but if people are often stays up late, memory decline will be more obvious, even in advance, because, late at night when the sympathetic nervous excitement, but during the day when the sympathetic nervous It is difficult to excitement, sympathetic nerve has a great impact on the memory.

5, damage the liver, easy to get angry. We found that people who stay up all night is easy to grow acne, not only affect the appearance, but also this is the result of injury to the liver, because stay up late to cause the liver can not rest, detoxification detoxification function decline, can not remove the toxins can only enable skin detoxification, Therefore, the face will grow acne.

  6, hurt the stomach. People who stay up all night will feel hungry, so inevitably eat supper, and eat snacks on the gastrointestinal damage is very large at night is the stage of gastrointestinal repair, the results of eating gastrointestinal can not get a rest, stay up late for a long time easy Suffering from a variety of gastrointestinal diseases.

  7, easy to obesity. Some people always feel like to lose weight to stay up late, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, because people who stay up all night is inevitable to eat, the saying goes, "Ma no grass is not fat," that person is the same, often eat supper There is not fat the truth, so, want to stay away from obesity, or do not stay up late as well.

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