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What is the symptoms of moisture in the body how to dehumidify

Date: 2017-10-23
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Now people often find themselves a meal do not eat no hunger, but also do not want to eat, poor mental state. In fact, these are the moisture caused by the body, then how to wet it?

  Xiao Bian today to give you about the body of the five major symptoms of moisture and dehumidification method, the following together to see it.

The symptoms of moisture in the body

  1, there is no feeling of hunger when eating, and do not want anything to eat?

  2, when eating, always feel a kind of faint nausea, eat things like the top of the top?

  3, up in the morning in the mirror, always found eyelid edema,

  4, diet and rest and not much change, but it felt a significant increase in weight, there are puffiness suspects?

 5, joint stiffness, too lazy to move, get up when the whole body feel pain?

  6, defecation becomes abnormal, often stool is not forming stool, and there are always rows of endless feeling?

  7, often have the feeling of chest tightness, you want to often comfortable breath?

  8, when the head seems to work is not flexible, easy to sleepy?

  Results: The above questions, if you have more than 4 yes yes, that moisture is spreading in your body!

How to wet the body wet how wet

  Eliminate the body of moisture, the method is very simple, just two "medicine". These two drugs can be tea, can eat, and can solve the big problem. One is barley, one is red beans. These two things, do not need to follow the proportion of each time as a grasp, washed and then put the pot inside the water boil After a good boil is to wet the spleen to share - barley red bean porridge.

  Boiled barley red bean porridge is a lot of skill and stress. Barley is very hard, red beans are also very hard, if the pot has been boiled, probably boiled for more than an hour is not bad, it is a waste of fire or electricity, and it might also dry the water, causing paste. There are two ways:

  The first method is to add enough water in the pot, boil off after the flame, so barley and red beans in the pot nausea half an hour, then fire, boil and then bored half an hour, red bean porridge to cook.

  The second method is more simple, is now the home is not commonly used in the thermos bottle clean, barley and red beans on the inside, and then poured into the water, plug the bottle head nausea, every night so good, the morning is porridge , Just when the breakfast drink This is very easy, but also the most energy-saving, no longer boil.

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