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Five bad habits before going to sleep make people overnight! The first is very fatal

Date: 2017-10-21
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Source: a little information, Road Medical School

From ancient times to the present, the longevity of the ages are very concerned about the quality of sleep, more "do not seek cents to find sleep" argument. Sleep well, the body of the various organs can be effectively maintained and adequate supply, can be said to be the most simple and comfortable way of health!

Five bad habits before going to sleep make people overnight!  The first is very fatal

Although this method of health is very simple, but sleep is not close to the eyes asleep on the line, unhealthy sleep is very hurt, or even quietly cultivate cancer cells. The following five sleep habits, if you have one of them, can be changed.

01 with "gas" to sleep

A Western study found that sleep can make your memory of bad experiences more secure than the sober state, and those images that make you angry will appear longer.

Anger before going to bed, will make people heartbeat, shortness of breath, thoughts, resulting in insomnia or serious impact on sleep quality, and angry caused by arrhythmia ECG than the general arrhythmia more chaotic, and more unstable, so Is the most deadly, such as the strong emotions like anger may make the rhythm interrupt, life-threatening. When the female is angry, it is also easy to long stains, accelerate brain cell aging, leading to gastric ulcer and myocardial hypoxia, and may even lead to hyperthyroidism and breast cancer.

Clinically, most of the cancer patients before the onset of life have experienced a large change (such as divorced, widowed, burnt, unemployed), etc., that is, cancer more like those who like to get angry or always take things too people.

Countermeasures: first get rid of sleep and then sleep

If you are very angry, we must talk out, absolutely not sulking. In addition, the body also comes with three getaway valve, may wish to open in time, like the same as the flood of anger diarrhea.

02 eat before bedtime full

Chinese medicine, "stomach does not, then restless", eat before eating too full, in the process of sleeping stomach children "overtime work", then produce bad stimuli will be passed to the brain. Make people appear more dreams, insomnia or sleep is not deep symptoms.

Dreams or small things, before going to bed, then the blood will focus on the digestive tract, so that other parts (especially the coronary artery) relative to reduce the blood, easy to cause heart ischemia induced angina, nocturnal myocardial infarction is so, late night disease Really called every day should not be called to the ground is not working.

Countermeasures: strong at night full of seven full

A lot of old friends in the thrift of habitually, in the evening do not want to make food overnight, do not want to fall, so all into the stomach, this habit must be replaced. Eat more at night, not only affect sleep, but also may lead to myocardial infarction, stomach, diabetes, etc., than the harm caused by too much waste!

Excessive exercise before going to bed

Some people think that exercise before going to bed, make people more tired, and thus easier to fall asleep. But in fact, before going to bed to do excessive exercise will make the brain control muscle activity of nerve cells showed a very strong excitement, is not conducive to improving the quality of sleep.

Countermeasures: bedtime massage pull to help sleep

Many old Chinese have bedtime massage Yongquan acupuncture habits, in addition to massage, you can also pull the ribs, the saying goes, tendons long an inch, longevity ten years, two pull the action, in bed can do.

1, one leg

The legs straight apart, toes back hook, his hands clutching the toes, the body slowly down the pressure, do not deliberately pursue the practice of the body close to the leg feeling, as long as the big legs after the big stretch with a sense of it, do not use Brute force. Thighs inside the liver and kidney, liver blood, kidney essence, the legs can be separated down the pressure can be stretched liver and kidney, liver and kidney tonic, for the body nourishing fine.

2, toes back hook

Five bad habits before going to sleep make people overnight!  The first is very fatal

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Legs straight and together, toes back to hook, his hands clutching his toes, the body slowly down the pressure, as long as the thighs on the back of the big tendons have the feeling of stretching it. This is a way to help the bladder by detoxification, adhere to the longer the better.

04 before going to bed tea

Tea contains caffeine and other substances, these substances will stimulate the central nervous system, exciting, if before going to bed tea, especially tea, the central nervous system will be more excited, people are not easy to sleep.

Countermeasures: drink a small cup of warm water

Sleep heart rate slowed down, if not drink water, blood concentration, blood flow is slow, easy to thrombosis the next morning. Drink a small cup of water before going to bed, can reduce myocardial infarction, angina, cerebral thrombosis and other sudden danger. But drink a small cup on the line, a little sip on the two or three, or may be up to the night, the same impact on sleep.

05 Use an inappropriate pillow

Want to have a good sleep, you must first have a good pillow. Pillow is too low easily lead to "stiff", swollen eyes, eyelid edema; pillow is too high will affect the airway, leading to neck discomfort.

Countermeasures: pillow can be attached to the neck of the depression

The middle of the low, both ends of the pillow, flexible, easy to restore, can be a good control of people in the posture of sleep, cervical support and protection of the role, make the cervical spine to get a better rest, Situation selection of highly suitable pillow.

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