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Men who blood type easy to get cancer

Date: 2017-10-21
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Researchers at the Tokyo Medical University in Japan found that men's blood type significantly affected the incidence of cancer and the probability of recurrence. Researchers conducted a follow-up study of 555 patients with prostate cancer between 2004 and 2010. They found that men with O-type blood were less likely to relapse after surgery; compared with type A The likelihood of recurrence of men after surgery was up to 35%.

The researchers believe that blood type is determined by the different antigens and antibodies, antigens and antibodies equivalent to the blood against foreign substances aggression of the natural barrier. Blood type is not only related to the incidence of prostate cancer, but also with the results after treatment and recurrence rate. Medical workers should develop appropriate treatment and prevention of disease recurrence for cancer patients with different blood types.

Men who blood type easy to get cancer

Which blood type is easy to get cancer?

Type A: strong endurance, but the higher incidence of cerebrovascular disease

A type of body more dexterous, endurance strong, usually not often sick, but with the cerebral vascular disease more affinity, especially the cerebral infarction patients, for the first blood type. This is because the blood type A blood viscosity is greater susceptibility to infection, and blood viscosity is an important factor in cerebral infarction is one of the important factors. The platelet adhesion rate of type A blood in migraine patients was also significantly higher than that in normal controls.

In addition, A type of blood is more susceptible to stroke, cancer and other fatal diseases.

In addition, clinical data statistics, 1/3 of cancer patients are type A blood, type A blood often susceptible to cancer with sarcoma, stomach cancer, tongue cancer, esophageal cancer. Especially in gastric cancer, A type of blood was significantly the most, and lesions occurred in the stomach, so A type of blood, such as upper abdominal pain, fullness discomfort, weight loss, loss of appetite, vomiting, blood in the stool and other symptoms, Gastritis, should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Type B: healthier than other blood types, but more susceptible to tuberculosis

B-type action flexibility is quite good, creative, with a good heart. In terms of disease, in addition to susceptible to dental caries, the proportion of tuberculosis, oral cancer, breast cancer and leukemia is generally higher than other blood type.

But by contrast, people of type B are the healthiest people in the population, and it is important to note that the rejection rate of human organ transplants of type B blood is twice as high as that of other blood types, and disease-related mortality Up to 28%, 2 times for type A blood, 4 times the O blood type.

AB type: the reaction is more agile, but the risk of schizophrenia than other blood type

AB type of personality is relatively calm and calm, nerve response is more agile, according to statistics, the risk of schizophrenia than other blood type more than 3 times higher, and there is a clear genetic predisposition, in patients with ischemic heart disease, also AB Type mostly. But AB type suffering from tuberculosis, the rate of pregnancy anemia, compared with other people who are much lower blood type.

AB type of blood suffering from cancer and the possibility of stroke, although small, but there are human "first killer," said the coronary heart disease is easy to patronize the body, and once the heart damage, the symptoms are more serious, the proportion of myocardial infarction Also significantly higher. In addition, AB blood type of women most susceptible to cervical cancer.

O type: strong metabolism, to learn to control their own emotions

O-type strong vitality is your greatest capital, hi anger, personality led directly to the metabolism of strong, like a mighty baby like a healthy baby, but excessive fatigue will slowly lose your health yo! You must try to make yourself calm and gentle, after all, people are flesh and blood, although the movement helps in good health, but moderate rest and sleep as indispensable.

More important is to learn to control their own hot character, or you will become a high risk of stroke stroke population.

Blood type diet law to fight cancer

A blood type of people's diet health care Raiders

Type A blood is the evolution of the tiller, it appears about twenty and five thousand years ago in Asia or the Middle East. At that time the ancestors had initially spent the day to chase the beasts of the day, began farming, domesticated living. After a long evolution, in the diet, people began to eat more food, vegetables and other plant foods, which accumulated in the blood, the formation of a blood type of people unique digestive system characteristics - especially love plant food. When A blood type people eat vegetarian food, can be a good digestion, absorption of them, and can also improve their metabolism, improve the immune system. At the same time, these vegetarian nutrition, can enhance the resistance of A blood type people, protect them from disease and virus damage, and make them energetic.

O type of people's diet health Raiders

O-type people have a strong digestive system of meat. Like the original era of hunters need a lot of exercise, O blood type is usually not a good absorption of milk and cereals.

B blood type of people's diet health Raiders

B Blood type diet: Thanks to the powerful digestive system, you can enjoy everything: meat, dairy products, cereals can be well absorbed.

AB blood type of people's diet health Raiders

AB blood type diet: This blood type tend to type A blood characteristics: a small amount of acid, so meat is not ideal, but very good absorption of dairy products.

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