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How to keep in mind the five principles

Date: 2017-10-16
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Stomach is now a lot of people common problem, then you know how to stomach it? What do you need to pay attention to? Xiaobian follow the following to see it.

Weekend, friends and family reunion, and ultimately, wine and food. Jiuzufan full, as well as candy, snacks and other turns into battle, so that a rare moment of leisurely stomach. Now is the time to let the stomach take a break, let Xiaobian tell you how to adjust the diet.

How to keep in mind the five principles

The five rules of the stomach

  1, not thirsty to drink water

  In the festival, overeating, big fish and big meat to increase the burden of the stomach, so after the holiday to the bowel for the bowel. Note reduce refined rice, candy, dessert intake, with particular attention to drink plenty of water, it is recommended to drink boiled water or tea, so can accelerate gastrointestinal motility and metabolism, relieve a lot of meat, food and wine bad for the liver.

  2, eat more fruits and vegetables

  Festival is not eating more healthy , except for some fried fish, sweets. Fried food easily lead to spleen and stomach stagnation, leading to constipationor diarrhea ; dessert to eat more easily spleen dampness, causing diarrhea . After the holiday but also eat some fresh green leafy vegetables, fruits, dietary fiber can be added to help the body detoxification, but also catharsis and conditioning stomach. In addition, yam as herbs food, can nourish the spleen and stomach, regardless of cooking or porridge can be.

  3, pay attention to stomach warm

  To know "ten stomach nine cold", the stomach of the spleen of the dry and cold, cold stomach patients need to pay attention to keep warm, to avoid cold. If the epigastric Department of cold, you can drink millet gruel, or ginger tea, can maintain a good mood and mental state.

How to keep in mind the five principles

4, light diet

  Staple food should be based on coarse grains, you can increase the amount of corn, oats and other ingredients, pay attention to increase the proportion of dark or green vegetables. At the same time, drink porridge and soup, such as millet gruel, hot soup, etc., so that the gastrointestinal tract to rest adjustment.

  5, pay attention to avoid cold

  After the holiday diet, we should pay attention to avoid eating too much cold food, eat cold dishes, cold drinks, drink cold water, food as warm as possible to eat. If you feel cold stomach, you can drink millet gruel, ginger tea.

  Stomach do not eat these foods

  1, broccoli

  Broccoli is particularly soluble in dietary fiber. This fiber can only be decomposed in the large intestine and produce large amounts of gas. At the same time broccoli also contains similar beans in the production of sugar.

How to keep in mind the five principles

2, tomato

  Tomato's acidity is high and may stimulate the stomach to produce more stomach acid. Therefore, eating too much tomatoes can cause pantothenic acid, heartburn and other symptoms . Tomato sauce made with tomato is also true.

  3, dairy products

  Lactose intolerant people, intake of dairy products can cause stomach discomfort. You can choose yogurt, hard cheese, or milk with low lactose.

  4, greasy food

  Highly fat foods, such as fried foods, will increase the chance of pantothenic acid and irritable bowel syndrome. Because high-fat food is difficult to digest, the body will automatically secrete more stomach acid. Similarly, eating too much will stimulate excessive secretion of gastric acid. (Refer to website: family doctor online)

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