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Barefoot health simple and effective way of health

Date: 2017-10-11
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Barefoot health

As the saying goes: "old old man first, longevity began." The foot has 66 points, which are associated with the body and internal organs and organs are associated with the stimulation of the foot reflex zone to strengthen the body's metabolism, improve the immune system function, and promote the body's various physiological functions of the system naturally strong up to Physical and mental integrity of the health.

In Japan, barefoot is a unique way of health, as long as the conditions, people will choose barefoot: walking in the tatami feet, running in the outdoor game. Japan kindergarten for this also began a "barefoot education" to train the child's cold capacity, but also to the foot of the foot to stimulate enough to promote brain activity. Long-term stimulation of the soles of the feet, there is blood, remove the body static, better treatment of foot disease effect. Therefore, the barefoot health of each person's physical and mental health are very useful, is the most simple and effective way of health.

Barefoot health simple and effective way of health

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Barefoot health simple and effective way of health

1, feet soybeans

Beauty is the nature of each girl, no matter how old, beauty and weight loss is the eternal topic, but also the most important So, the first thing to say is to make women beautiful young way.

In front of the sofa to open up a small place, covered with soybeans, watching TV at the same time barefoot in the above step on the 15 minutes. As the size of soybean is moderate, the stimulation of the foot acupuncture point is relatively mild, can be relatively slow to promote metabolism, and thus achieve detoxification, the dual effect of fat burning.

ps: This method is too simple, especially suitable for lazy to you, in addition, tell friends, after drinking a glass of water immediately, detoxification effect will be better.

2, skin freckle - loofah rubbing soles of the feet

After the feet every day, with dry loofah, such as force rubbing the soles of the feet, but also in the feet before the feet rub each other feet, until the heat so far. Can promote the adrenal gland secretion of hormones, reduce pigmentation, which makes the skin white and flexible.

People's feet have numerous nerve endings close to the brain, long-term stimulation of the soles of the feet, there is blood, remove the body static, better treatment of foot disease effect. More than only young and beautiful Yo, there are the most important health.

1, massage the soles of the feet to stimulate the cells, so that the cells delay the old brush to keep a good vitality, and promote the function of the internal organs of the coordination, so that the body's balance of yin and yang back to normal. Long-term adherence to massage the soles of the feet, can effectively enhance the body resistance, reduce the possibility of illness.

2, with both hands when the thumb gently when the two foot massage "Yongquan" hundreds ("Yongquan" is located in the depression at the front of the foot). After a period of sleep to improve, so that you sleep to the big dawn.

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