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Computer family should have these good habits

Date: 2017-10-07
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How long will it take every day in the seat? With the increase in the number of desk workers, many people spend half the time sitting together, which, many people will think of "usually lack of exercise, the weekend to strengthen the movement like." However, the study found that reducing the sitting time is more dangerous than increasing the movement, "anyway, have to strengthen the work of the process of sedentary also does not matter" the idea is very dangerous.

Computer family should have these good habits

  So, for the sedentary office family, to develop what good habits can help extend life?

  According to a study conducted in Switzerland, it was found that the study of the elderly for long-term sedentary found that reducing the sedentary time was more delaying aging than increasing the movement. In these studies, people were divided into two categories: regular exercise and infrequent exercise, and for up to six months of continuous observation, through blood tests to observe the life-related chromosomes . As a result, it was found that a group of chromosomes that favored movement became shorter, showing a tendency to shorten life, while reducing the time of sitting and finding chromosomes longer. It can be seen that reducing the time to sit even more than to increase the movement of time to increase human life.

  Mastering the rhythm is the key to extending life

  There is a saying that every hour an hour is not moving will reduce the life of 22 minutes. This is because people in the sedentary process of muscle contraction, and muscle contraction after the blood of the enzyme function is inhibited, the blood easily become sticky, and this is the cause of obesity , diabetes and other diseases one of the reasons.

  But even so, office clans can not always stand office, so master the rhythm of standing has become the key. Japanese experts recommend office people to leave their place every 30 minutes for a simple exercise, or go to the toilet, or stroll about the eyes, or do simple gymnastics, or every 30 minutes to stand up for a period of time, so not only Able to lift the health problems brought by sedentary, but also to promote blood circulation.

Computer family should have these good habits

  To the long family of a few small recommendations:

  Standing on the phone. Stuart Bideer, a professor of sports psychology at Loughborough University in Loughborough, suggested that he would stand up when answering or answering a phone call, and the feet would support the body in turn to change the center of gravity and to promote blood circulation and consume more calories.

  Take the fitness ball office. American Google company BMW's office and are allowing employees to exercise ball as a chair. Because sitting this ball, the body needs to keep moving to maintain balance, to avoid sedentary harm.

  Chair cushions. In order to eliminate the low back pain and caudal pain brought by the old man's sedentary , the Japanese like to put a thick cushion on the chair to help the weight evenly distributed, but also to reduce the friction of the chair on the sciatic nodules, or at the foot of a thick pad , So that legs moderate elevation.

  Around the alarm clock Office clerk busy or old chess playing cards, often forget to rest this thing, you can put a small alarm clock, or use the phone regularly to remind yourself every hour up stroll stroll.

  Stretched legs under the table. Sitting in the table quietly stretching his toes, stretching his back, or his legs and lift a little will, stretching the lower limbs to prevent venous thrombosis the most useful. "The elderly lower limb cycle is not good, watching TV, read the time should do such a leg movement.

  Change the appropriate chair: bad sitting a large part of the chair is due to inappropriate. Now a lot of office chairs are equipped with pulleys, stability is not enough, people get up after the body muscles in a very tight state. It is recommended to use the kind of calm, sit to make people very relaxed chair.

If you can not avoid sedentary every day because of work, you can do some exercise in situ, such as a small leg movement similar to the pedal of the sewing machine. Conditional may be appropriate to raise the legs, and from time to time pat the legs or do a simple massage.

  Exercise shoulder and shoulders waist muscle group: do push-ups can exercise to the shoulder muscles and neck muscles, so that the two usually because of the case is easier to tighten the muscles to effectively relax. Of course, women do push-ups more difficult, more suitable for dumbbell exercise.

Computer family should have these good habits

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