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The body is good, see the foot to know! Feet appear in these six cases, is the signal of the disease

Date: 2017-10-06
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People have a pair of particularly important feet, but easy to be ignored, but it once the problem, but greatly affect our lives.

Take a look at the following six common foot problems, what can be the corresponding solution:


Swollen feet

Most people if sedentary for a long time, prone to foot swelling of the situation.

This situation, generally improve the living habits , prevention, more walking, activities, lower limb muscles, can be alleviated.

But if it is long-term foot swollen , you need to pay attention.

Heart , liver , kidney and other organs problems can cause edema, this swelling after the general pressure of the skin will appear concave, and there is another type of edema, depression after depression may be taking topical antihypertensive drugs, gout , Varicose veins and other factors.

The body is good, see the foot to know!  Feet appear in these six cases, is the signal of the disease!

If you often appear leg swelling, especially accompanied by pain or other discomfort, to the hospital for a clear reason for the good.


Foot cramps

Some people fall asleep at night when the legs and feet will be cramps, suddenly the pain to wake up, and sometimes cramps pain can not move.

The body is good, see the foot to know!  Feet appear in these six cases, is the signal of the disease!

This cramps and swimming- induced cramps are two different situations.

Exercise caused by cramps is due to insufficient supply of calf blood flow , generally do warm-up exercise, can be prevented.

And at night foot cramps, most people may think of calcium deficiency.

However, cramps may not be because of calcium deficiency . In addition to calcium deficiency, fatigue, cold, poor sleeping position, blood flow block (such as leg varicose veins or atherosclerosis ) can lead to night foot cramps.

If the situation is not serious and occasional attack, you can start from the daily maintenance:

  • To avoid fatigue; bedtime with warm water foot 15 minutes to promote blood circulation;

  • Pay attention to the calf warm, to avoid direct air blowing straight legs;

  • Keep a good sleeping position;

  • Diet pay attention to nutrition balanced, appropriate to eat calcium and vitamin D rich in food, such as milk , small fish dry, kelp , soy products ;

  • Avoid smoking, drinking, drinking tea or coffee .

If the situation is still no improvement, I suggest you to the regular hospital for further examination of the reasons, and then targeted treatment.


Foot odor

Foot odor of some people may sweat more people feel more profound.

Usually nothing, one encounter the need to take off the shoes of the occasion, for example, to others when the door to take off his shoes when they feel very embarrassed, smell all the way to smell ... ...

Foot odor, usually caused by the body sweat glands .

Sweat secretion of sweat sweat under normal circumstances is odorless, but in the case of sweating, due to sweat soak caused by foot skin dipping, white, plus the skin surface and the shoes of the bacterial decomposition and metabolites, will produce Special smell.

Have a foot odor of people in daily life need to pay attention to living habits :

  • To keep clean, often feet;

  • Summer should wear ventilated sandals, winter is selected to wear more breathable materials to do the shoes

  • Patching socks, try to keep the feet dry.

  • Control their emotions do not be too excited, eat spicy hot food.

The body is good, see the foot to know!  Feet appear in these six cases, is the signal of the disease!

If the situation did not improve, it is recommended to the hospital dermatology to understand whether the bacterial and fungal infections , timely treatment is more appropriate.


Feet cold

This for the majority of female compatriots, but in the winter, but a big problem.

How to cover all useless! Sleep all night is cold!

The body is good, see the foot to know!  Feet appear in these six cases, is the signal of the disease!

Cold hands and feet, which means that the body's low level of metabolism , so the first exclusion of anemia, gastrointestinal diseases , nutritional deficiencies or hypothyroidism and other diseases.

Cold and blood circulation has a great relationship, from the Chinese medicine point of view, lack of blood , yang, etc., can affect the operation of blood delivery, peripheral blood circulation will cause cold hands and feet.

The body is good, see the foot to know!  Feet appear in these six cases, is the signal of the disease!

In the face of this situation, you can:

  • Pay attention to the legs, feet warm, do not wear too tight clothes hinder the blood circulation.

  • Before going to bed with warm feet, or with hair dryer blowing feet, so hot feet and then sleep.

  • exercise more

  • Can add nutrient-rich warm food, such as mutton, dog meat, red dates, etc., to avoid eating cold food, ice or drink cold drinks and so on.

If symptoms do not improve, you can also go to the regular Chinese medicine division where the treatment in order to identify the physical, correct syndrome. 


Heel pain

Some people walking for a long time may be heel with pain.

In the standing and walking, the heel to bear the body more than 50% of the weight. Heel long-term stress , different people may be due to age, ligament injury and other causes of heel damage caused by varying degrees of inflammation.

The body is good, see the foot to know!  Feet appear in these six cases, is the signal of the disease!

To improve heel pain,

  • Pay attention to rest, reduce the local burden (obese people to lose weight),

  • The heel can be protected with thicker cushions to reduce local friction and damage.

  • Usually do ankle pedaling action to enhance the heel of the anti-strain ability, warm feet, physical therapy , but also can effectively relieve pain.

If heel pain can not be alleviated, you can consider going to the hospital to do the appropriate treatment.


Itchy feet

Speaking of itchy, most people will generally think of athlete's foot . But feet in addition to beriberi, it can be eczema, sweat herpes and so on .

The so-called athlete's foot, is a fungal infection caused by skin diseases , also known as "foot". Can be divided into blister type, dipping erosive type, keratosis scales three types, these three types of performance is also different.

And to deal with itching, of course, have to check the cause, with the drug. Recommended to the hospital dermatology treatment, do not scratch wiping cream.

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