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Conch pearls: mysterious aristocracy in pearls

Date: 2017-09-26
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  To ask what the most precious and most rare pearls, many of the less understanding of the jewelry friends of the first reaction may be the largest particles of sea water pearl, in fact not. Today is to tell you that all the most rare pearls are still unable to large-scale artificial cultivation of conch pearls (also known as Kong Kezhu, Conch Pearl).

  What is Conch Pearl?

  Beautiful and rare conch pear is the Queen's Phoenix snail (a large edible mollusk conch) output of calcium condensate, usually pink, oval, excellent products will appear on the surface of the wave Like "flame" texture structure, and has a creamy porcelain appearance.

Conch pearls: mysterious aristocracy in pearls

  Unlike traditional pearls, the main ingredient of the conch pear is also calcium carbonate, but it does not contain pearl quality. Strictly speaking, it is not pearls, so it can not be called "pearl", even though they are still attributed to this category.

  Compared to most of the pearls are through the stimulus into the shellfish mollusks and the progress of artificial management from the current conch pear only natural output, can not be large-scale artificial cultivation.

Conch pearls: mysterious aristocracy in pearlsYellow Conch in the picture is Queen Phoenix Phoenix

  In the waters of the conch pearls, fishermen can find a queen Phoenix snail for every 10,000-15,000 shellfish, and less than 10% of the conch pear can only be reached Gem grade, which makes the conch pearls appear very rare.

  How does the conch pearl form?

Conch pearls: mysterious aristocracy in pearls

  Similar to the formation of ordinary pearls, when the foreign body (usually broken shell) into the Queen Phoenix snail, in its surrounding will form calcium coagulum, fibrous calcium crystal to stimulate the center as the center Outside growth.

  The ordinary pearl is different, pearl Fritillaria can be open to reveal the exact location of pearls, due to the complex thread structure of the conch shell, no one can accurately find the location of the formation of conch pearls.

  Conch pearls are usually grown in a pearl sac in the Queen's Phoenix Spherical Surface, which can only be found when the pearl meat is cut out of the shell.

  The origin of the conch pearl

Conch pearls: mysterious aristocracy in pearls

  The Queen of Phoenix, which produces the conch of the conch, mainly lives in the beautiful Caribbean waters, with the output of the conchles in the northern Florida, Bahamas, Bermuda, the Caribbean, Central America and South America.

  Queen's large internal structure is very complex, the survival rate of artificial implantation of foreign substances is very low, but also difficult to remove the conch pear without harming the life of the Queen's large phoenix, Conch pear artificial breeding is extremely difficult.

Conch pearls: mysterious aristocracy in pearls

  Until 2010, two American scholars claimed to have successfully breed more than 200 conch pearls, including both nuclear and non-nuclear farming. But because the farming technology is not yet mature, whether large-scale commercial breeding conch or unknown.

  The color and shape of the conch pear

  Conch pearls in addition to the common pink on the market, there are a variety of other colors, such as white, beige, yellow, brown and gold.

  Brown is the most common color of conch pearls. However, because they are often discarded by fishermen, they are less likely to be sold, which may give buyers a slight bias on their popularity.

Conch pearls: mysterious aristocracy in pearls

  Chocolate-colored conch pearls are the most rare, followed by white, while tawny conch pearls are often called gold. The most valuable conch pearl color is pink, including very light pink to orange-red, even close to the bright red strong pink. The most coveted is a bright pink conch pearl with a flame-like pattern.

  The color of the conch pearls is determined by the color of the Queen's Phoenix snail, which will change because of the different stages of life or the food that is eaten. For example, some yellow conch pearls are usually found in the younger conch, but this is not absolute.

Conch pearls: mysterious aristocracy in pearls

  Gem-level conch pearls are usually oval, a small part can be close to the round, there are many profiled conch pearls, only a very small number is completely round. Perfectly symmetrical elliptical seaweed is the most ideal.

  The size of the conch pearls

  Conch pearls are usually small, so unlike ordinary pearls, it is based on the weight of the carat. Can find a more than 2-3 mm conch pear is very difficult, the weight of up to 10 kt of conch pearls is unusual.

  In 1905, Henry Walters, the founder of the Walters Art Museum, purchased a necklace named Sutoor from Tiffany for his niece. The necklace center was a large pinkish conch pearl weighing about 23.50 clark, It was one of the world's largest conch pearls.

Conch pearls: mysterious aristocracy in pearlsTiffany Sutall Necklace

  Conch 's Flame Structure

  Conch pearl magnification observation is similar to the flame shape of the structure, reflected in the pearl surface is a kind of deep and beautiful wave pattern. This flame structure is caused by calcite microcrystalline fibers in conch pearls.

  In high-quality conch pearls, we can see this flame structure with the naked eye. Conch pear with easy-to-observe flame structure is more expensive and more popular.

Conch pearls: mysterious aristocracy in pearlsThe price of conch pearls

  To rare, conch pearl scarcity, and its excellent gem characteristics, destined to his high price. A comprehensive view of the size of the conch pear, shape, color and flame effects and so on factors determine his price. 

  At present, the top price of the conch pearl pearl can be as high as about 15,000 US dollars per carat, sometimes even more, but these precious conch pearls are often very rare. High-quality conch pear prices are usually around $ 4,000 to $ 7,000 per carat.

Conch pearls: mysterious aristocracy in pearlsConch of pearls

  The history of conch pearls dates back three centuries ago, and it is documented that conch pearls were worn as jewelery in the 18th century and 50s. In the Victorian era and the late times of the Edwardian era, the popularity of conch pearls was peaked, and was nicknamed "Pink Pearls".

Conch pearls: mysterious aristocracy in pearlsTiffany & Co. Queen Mary Conch Pearl Brooch

  Queen Mary's conch pearl brooch is the famous conch pearl jewelry, this brooch decorated with two natural pink conch pearls, weighing 24.9 carats and 28.1 kt respectively.

  The unique shape of the conch pear is very suitable for the Art Nouveau style of jewelry, and therefore is often used to describe the romantic flower design buds and stamens.

  However, the popularity of conch pear is short, in 1893, Miyamoto Muki successfully cultivated the world's first hemispherical pearl, to the 20th century, 20 years, the market appeared colorful, different shapes, different sizes, affordable Of the pearls, great impact on the labor-intensive natural pearl collection industry.

  At the same time, the asymmetric appearance of the conch pearls is in contradiction with the distinctive geometric aesthetics of the decorative arts, resulting in a sharp decline in the use of conch pearls in the design of jewelery.

Conch pearls: mysterious aristocracy in pearlsCartier Conch Bead Diamond Bracelet

  Fortunately, the use of the conch is not completely gone, Cartier in the late 1920s designed this charming conch pearl, enamel and diamond bracelet enough to prove everything. The bracelet comes from the private collection of Queen Victoria Eugenie, Spain, at the 2012 Sotheby's (microblog) auction in Geneva to shoot the high price of 3,274,500 Swiss francs.

  Experienced troughs of conch pearls can once again enter people's attention, need to be attributed to Mikimoto former CEO Ryo Yamaguci. Yamaguci began to promote conch pearls in 1987, opening the market demand for contemporary conch pearls.

Conch pearls: mysterious aristocracy in pearlsMikimoto diamonds and conch pearl necklace

  Why Conch Pearls Can Be Revived?

  The revival of conch pearls is due to the promotion of Mikimoto, on the other hand, it is because of its long historical background and natural scarcity. Conch pearls are entirely natural and can only be found in specific areas of the Caribbean. So far, there is no breeding of conch pearls can be large-scale listing, which shows its precious exception.

Conch pearls: mysterious aristocracy in pearls

  Conch pearls may lack the halo effect of pearls and satisfactory symmetry, but its natural asymmetric beauty does not have the same flavor as the unique pink flame appearance, giving designers more imagination.

  Plus every jeweler who wants to have a rare, unique and precious gem, and conch pearls are able to meet their desires. It is this many factors, so that the conch pearls back to the world precious stones of the forest.

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