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Before moving 7 o'clock, you need to know!

Date: 2017-09-23
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Heart rate and exercise intensity 7 little knowledge

your target heart rate helps you to determine:

A. How fast is your heart when you are active?

B. whether your exercise is appropriate

C. Do you have a risk of developing a myocardial infarction?

Before moving 7 o'clock, you need to know! 

Correct answer: B. whether your exercise strength is appropriate

Your target heart rate tells you whether your exercise intensity is too big or too small. Each person's goal is different, but in general, in moderate or high intensity exercise, the target heart rate control in the maximum heart rate between 50 % to 85 %, to ensure the safe operation of the heart.


how to calculate your maximum heart rate

A. 220 minus your age

B. 200 minus your age

C. 175 minus your age

Before moving 7 o'clock, you need to know! 

Correct answer: A. 220 minus your age

This is the fastest heartbeat allowed during physical activity. Like your target heart rate, your maximum heart rate is also an estimate. If you feel breathless or can not speak, or exercise dizzy, this is the movement of excessive signals, need to ease it. If you continue, you may cause harm to your heart.


as long as your heart rate under your maximum heart rate, everything is no problem.

A. right

B. wrong

Before moving 7 o'clock, you need to know! 

Correct answer: B. error

If your exercise heart rate exceeds 90 % of the maximum heart rate , you need to control the exercise intensity to avoid physical discomfort. But through regular exercise, with your level of exercise to enhance, you can gradually strengthen the exercise intensity.


Use the heart rate monitor to help you with fitness.

A. right

B. wrong

Before moving 7 o'clock, you need to know! 

Correct answer: A. correct

At present, the more popular heart rate bracelet or other wearable equipment can monitor your heart beating at any time, you can tell you what exercise is in strength. If the intensity is too low, you can strengthen; if the intensity is too high on the heart of a burden, you can also make the appropriate adjustments, the risk of all the movement of sudden disease to a minimum. At the same time, due to the number of steps, calorie consumption and other statistical functions, will also improve your campaign initiative.

Of course, the heart rate bracelet or other wearable equipment is also very important, please select the mainstream and reliable brand.


How often do I check my heart rate?

A. close (at least once per minute)

B. It depends on your health and fitness goals

C. only after you stop exercising

Before moving 7 o'clock, you need to know! 

Correct answer: B. It depends on your health and fitness goals

If you have a heart attack or other disease, the doctor may ask you to monitor the heart rate during exercise to ensure that you do not give the heart too much. But even if you are in good health, you need to pay more attention, especially when you increase exercise intensity. This will help you understand the exercise intensity and determine whether the heart is in a safe state.


When you do intermittent training ( HIIT), your heart rate should be:

A. keep at a frequency

B. climbs to a height and remains at that frequency

C. Change between moderate and high intensity exercise heart rates

Before moving 7 o'clock, you need to know! 

Correct Answer: C. Change between moderate and high intensity exercise heart rate

This movement involves switching between low-intensity exercise and paroxysmal high-intensity training. By monitoring your heart rate, find the intensity of exercise for each interval. The exercise heart rate during low and medium intensity is about 50% of your maximum heart rate In the strenuous exercise, the maximum heart rate of 70 % to 85 %.


Which is better for you?

A. resting lower heart rate

B. resting heart rate higher

Before moving 7 o'clock, you need to know! 

The correct answer: A. resting lower heart rate

Exercise can strengthen your heart. Healthy heart pump to force, pumping the efficiency of 1 times may be weak heart 1.2-1.5 efficiency, thereby reducing your resting heart rate. The lower resting heart rate is associated with longer life. In order to have a good heart, a lot of exercise it ~ ~


The question is very simple, you have mastered it? Sports is not blind, even without coach guidance can also be arranged scientifically.

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