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Facebook Zuckerberg What 20 years old to change the world? Because he did this when he was a child!

Date: 2017-09-21
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Facebook Zuckerberg What 20 years old to change the world? Because he did this when he was a child!

Microsoft founder Paul Allen equates Mark Zuckerberg's world influence with Alexander the Great;

  18 years old, or high school students Zuckerberg research and development of products was 200 million acquisition;

  Microsoft out of 250,000 US dollars annual salary of the work, and he refused!

  20-year-old Facebook, becoming one of the world's most important social networking sites.

Facebook Zuckerberg What 20 years old to change the world?  Because he did this when he was a child!

  How does Mark Zuckerberg have a unique growth experience?

  Facebook Zuckerberg What 20 years old to change the world?  Because he did this when he was a child!

  Mark Zuckerberg's mother Karen is a psychiatrist,

  Father Edward is a famous local dentist, his home in a suburb of New York suburbs Dobsbury a rich area, he is the second child of the parents, the other three compatriots are girls - Randy, Donna and Airer.

  Mark Zuckerberg's father Edward's personality humor, there is a certain desires in the local, known as "painless Z doctor", his clinic outside the face of a panic-stricken dental patient's photo, Mark Zach Berg 's father, Edward, publicly agreed: "We serve the coward.

  In addition, Edward is a "technical control", in 1984, that is, Mark Zuckerberg was born that year, Edward bought his first computer IBM XT for office.

  By the influence of his father, Mark Zuckerberg was very fond of the computer, when Mark Zuckerberg's parents saw the 10-year-old son was very obsessed with the computer, sent a computer to him. Mark Zuckerberg is very obsessed with it, but fortunately Mark Zuckerberg is not obsessed with computer games, but rather to study computer programming technology. Mark Zuckerberg soon demonstrated his talent in the computer, he was self-taught to the family and friends to solve computer problems, reputation quickly spread throughout the Zuckerberg family and friends around, Mark Zuckerberg is known as the "computer prodigy".

Facebook Zuckerberg What 20 years old to change the world?  Because he did this when he was a child!

  Edward was very happy to see Mark Zuckerberg's passion and talent in the computer, and he wanted Mark Zuckerberg to learn the best programming knowledge, but he could not teach him. So for the 11-year-old Mark Zuckerberg to find a dedicated home computer teacher David Newman, a week to arrange a computer course. Soon, Mark Zuckerberg fell in love with the computer, the teacher also noticed the genius, he is not confused by the complexity of classroom knowledge, but obsessed with obsessed with their own code, not only the code has a thorough understanding of the bottom , It is able to find some adults can not find the error.

  At the age of 12, when other children play the game, the same is the child's Mark Zuckerberg has begun to develop the game, and Mark Zuckerberg is very keen on this matter. After all, or a child, he often use the computer to do some small mischief, such as invading my sister Donna's computer, so that the computer screen suddenly jumped out of a line: "the computer virus, will explode in 30 seconds." And the computer The pointer really began to countdown, scared in front of the computer Donna jump seat, ran the stairs shouting "Mark", and finally found the secret laughing Mark Zuckerberg.

  Mark Zuckerberg occasionally heard a few friends in the school chatting about the computer game, the game he had played, because he felt too simple, so tired of the game. See friends also like this game, he will take the initiative: "I help you improve the game about it, this will be more interesting.

  We did not mind at the beginning, do not know Mark Zuckerberg can engage in any idea. The next day, Mark Zuckerberg went to a friend's house and quickly adapted the game in a friend's eyes. Adapted to the game so that friends feel very fresh and have challenges, we have more fans than before.

Facebook Zuckerberg What 20 years old to change the world?  Because he did this when he was a child!

  After the success of the Mark is very keen on the game adaptation of this matter, continue to upgrade the game upgrade. Programming allows children to reach out to the most advanced information technology while developing their logical thinking . Master the programming of the child, is the perspective of God, he knows how these games are designed out, it will not be online games consumption.

  Future children if not programmed

  He may always be the loser

  Facebook Zuckerberg What 20 years old to change the world?  Because he did this when he was a child!

  Family education was identified as the most important enlightenment education, born in the rich family of Mark Zuckerberg childhood has a good educational environment, not only by their parents around the care, but also learned in the independent thinking and independent choice at the same time for their own , When he also encountered a lifetime favorite thing - the computer. Mark Zuckerberg can go to today's success, and he began to learn programming is inseparable from the beginning.

  A student of the parents, her 10-year-old son is Jian Tong teacher Scratch programming students. What impressed her was that her son had compiled a chess course similar to the Zombies game, which she had lost in three classes. Then she went to see the son of the bottom of the code, found that he set her starting points is negative 50 points, his starting points is 0 points, so she lost from the beginning on the starting line .

  From the social environment, in recent years, the development of artificial intelligence faster and faster, artificial intelligence slowly replace the artificial, beat the human, defeated Li Shishi AlphaGo is a line of code knocked out. From these things, let her realize that "if the future child is not programming, he may always be the loser."

  How do children learn programming?

  Facebook Zuckerberg What 20 years old to change the world?  Because he did this when he was a child!

Zuckerberg learns programming from the age of 11

Laid the foundation for the United States to become rich.

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