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Foot care 2

Date: 2017-09-20
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Foot care is important, are you doing it?

Foot maintenance

First of all, to reject the violence exfoliating: a lot of people used to wait until the skin condition is very bad to go to deal with, that is, we often say that the violence peeled, the use of very hard scraper or stone force peeled.


But the sister paper Yeah, our soles of the feet is not a pumpkin, so with the words of the words is very easy to wipe the feet lead to bleeding Oh, so hurry to change the scientific and healthy way it ~

Foot care is important, are you doing it?


Summer foot maintenance method:


Go out for the foot wiping sunscreen

If you do not go out today to wear a tightly covered sports shoes or footwear shoes, then the same with the face, with the body sunscreen for your feet sunscreen Oh! Or on your way to walk, the feet were slowly tan.

Home after the first foot bath

After the evening home with warm water feet, can ease the day to bring the discomfort, and then calm with cold water, cold water calm can prevent the cells in the melanin deposition, so that feet will not soon become dark.

Deep cleaning for the feet

After cleaning your feet, you can use scrub to remove the foot of the dead skin, so that the feet of the skin to become soft, hands to massage at least 4 minutes Oh!

Foot membrane can also be done

Prepare two moisturizing effect of the foot film wrapped feet, inside the essence of ingredients can be a good penetration into the skin deep, to be 15 minutes after tearing the foot film just fine.

Apply lotions to your feet

The lotion can nourish the foot skin deep at night, so after the feet can be applied to the body after the milk or professional foot cream for the nourishment of the foot. Each foot probably uses the amount of 1 dollar coin size.

 Foot care is important, are you doing it?

Foot care steps:


The first step: wash the feet

With hot feet is not only the softening of the foot skin, but also can effectively promote blood circulation, to help the body to eliminate edema. Soften the stratum corneum must use a little hot water, hot water can enter the stratum corneum, making the old horny expansion and softening. And only in the case of softening of the stratum corneum, the grinding and care will not hurt the foot of the wound.


Step 2: Take appropriate foot care products in the palm of your hand

We smear foot massage products, we must first use the palm of your hand to the product was evenly rotating way in the palm of your hand, with the temperature of the palm of your hand to warm the product, so that can promote the absorption of the product.


The third step: with the cycle of massage techniques

Massage the toes apex, push the toes and the upper part of the toe body side, with the pulp to push the first joint; hands clasped the soles of the feet. With the thumb soft and with the other four fingers gently press the soles of the feet, and then by the ankle to the root press massage. From the calf to the heel direction massage.


Step 4: Rinse with cold shower

Finally, the way with a cold shower can not only be a good way to shrink the pores of the pores, and a cold and heat alternately make the foot of the skin will not have a sense of relaxation, but also very good can promote blood flow.


Foot care small coup:

1. Socks soda soda powder in addition to foot odor

2. Treatment of Hong Kong feet with vinegar foot bath

3. Foot massage when the foot massage

4. Toe rub the honey to improve roughness

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