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Sedentary 10 major hazards

Date: 2017-09-18
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Sedentary 10 major hazards

And sedentary harm is not only hurt the knee, from head to toe will suffer, the World Health Organization has long been "sedentary" , as one of the top ten deadly culprit.

Sedentary 10 major hazards

1, sedentary brain: cause dementia

Sitting for 1 hour, the blood concentrated in the lower limbs, circulatory effect weakened, cerebral insufficiency, hypoxia, easy dizziness, low mood, reduce mental activity, and even an important factor in Alzheimer's.

2, sedentary sad: heart function decline

Sedentary will lead to slow blood circulation, will make the heart function decline, causing myocardial atrophy. For patients with atherosclerosis embolism in the elderly, sedentary blood circulation is slow, but also induced myocardial infarction and cerebral thrombosis.

3, sedative blood vessels: arteriosclerosis

Long-term sedentary, reduced fat burning, increased cholesterol, may block the heart, blood vessels, etc., increase cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Sedentary, calcification accumulation in the arteries, causing atherosclerosis, more than 1 hour a day, the risk of coronary atherosclerosis increased by 12%.

Sedentary, leg muscle contraction, lower extremity blood flow slowed down, increase the incidence of thrombosis. Fixed a person sitting for more than 3 hours a day, the risk of deep vein thrombosis increased by 2 times, sitting for 12 hours or more, increased risk of pulmonary embolism.

Especially in elderly high blood lipids, high blood viscosity, long meditation is a potentially terrible risk factor.

4, sedentary God: dizziness

Sedentary blood circulation slowed down, but also lead to cerebral insufficiency, hurt the brain damage, the performance of the body tired Shenpi, there will be dizziness and other symptoms.

5, sedentary injury: neck and shoulder back pain

Neck and shoulder, waist tight for a long time in a fixed position, not only local poor blood circulation, but also lead to neck and shoulder back stiffness, soreness pain, headache and cervical spondylosis.

6, sedentary lungs: affect heart and lung blood supply

Sedentary exercise is small, the lungs are not effective exercise, will affect heart and lung blood supply. Emphysema and other common diseases of the elderly lung system, mostly related to reduced lung function.

7, sedentary pancreas: diabetes

Cells in the idle muscle, the pancreas slow response, easy to produce more insulin, leading to diabetes, long-term sedentary, type 2 diabetes increased by 112%.

8, sedentary stomach: loss of appetite

Sedentary easy to cause gastrointestinal motility slowed down, digestive gland secretion of digestive juice decreased, loss of appetite and other symptoms, increased human bloating, constipation, indigestion and other digestive symptoms.

9, sedentary intestine: colon cancer

Sedentary gut, stomach peristalsis weakened, harmful ingredients easy to stay in the colon, to stimulate the intestinal mucosa, with abdominal cavity, pelvic, lumbosacral blood circulation is poor, intestinal immune barrier function decreased, increased colon cancer Danger.

"Ten people nine hemorrhoids", for a long time to keep sitting, but also easily lead to hemorrhoids.

10, sedentary injury: pulmonary embolism

The American Cancer Society has released a new study for 12 million people for up to 14 years, keeping the risk of premature death for more than 6 hours a day and a higher risk for women.

Australian researchers found that the risk of death due to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease increased by 80% compared with those who had been watching TV for more than four hours a day, compared with less than 2 hours, and 46% for other causes of death.


8 strokes to avoid sedentary harm

Experts advise: the elderly ligament began to rigid, muscle ductility deterioration, bone degradation, the overall function of the attenuation, "people must move to live." To resolve sedentary harm, in fact, a word: move .

1, sitting correctly

  Keep the correct sitting, back straight, shoulder naturally drooping, you can put the elbow on both sides. Chair too soft may oppress the prostate, you can change a slightly hard seat; back plus a cushion, can reduce the waist pressure; not Alice two legs.

2, often walking

  To ensure that the time will not continue to sit for too long, it is recommended to take a short break way, each about 20 to 30 minutes. It is best to move up, even sitting can also bend over, lift the shoulder or take a deep breath to reduce muscle tension.

3, television broadcast advertising a few steps

  Even if the speed of walking snails, burning calories is also sitting twice, of course, more intense exercise better.

4, tiptoe

  Usually in the work life, especially in sedentary or long after the station lower limb soreness, fatigue, can be tiptoe way to fitness.  

  Tiptoes, bilateral calf rear muscle contraction squeeze, will promote the exercise of the lower limb blood reflux, accelerate blood circulation, to prevent lower extremity varicose veins.

5, single lift legs

  Sitting in a hard, backrest chair, narrowing the abdomen, lift a leg, until the legs of the acid and then change the other leg, you can exercise very little exercise to the thigh quadriceps.

6, knee folder mineral water bottle

  Legs open the width of a fist, hold the bottle, lift the heel to keep for two minutes, this little trick can exercise the muscles around the knee.  

  Exercise time, blood supply up, it will put some cold, chill removed, the treatment of knee pain.

7, foot pad pillow

Sedentary 10 major hazards

  No heart disease groups, sleep at the foot of the pillow at the foot, to help the blood reflux, improve lower extremity edema, but also appropriate foot bath, promote blood flow.

8, go backwards

  Go back, you can exercise usually rarely used to the waist, back muscles. Long-term sitting watching TV in the old friends, may wish to try to go and go together.

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