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Foot care is important, are you doing it?

Date: 2017-09-15
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Our feet all day hidden in the shoes, usually do not pay attention to the foot care, today to teach you how to do foot care, anytime, anywhere good enough to prepare!



Foot care four points


01, foot bath to promote blood circulation


Summer, because often wear sandals, toes and heels will be more dry, in order to eliminate foot fatigue, for the foot moisturizing, we can carry foot bath, help to maintain foot health. Foot bath, put in the water bath salt or essential oil, can promote blood circulation. After the foot bath, smear foot professional nursing milk, so that feet moist and comfortable.


02, massage the foot body is good


The foot is a lot of other parts of the body reaction area, usually more on the foot massage, not only for the elimination of foot swelling effective, and may also play a good role in other places Oh ! Daily massage cream and natural essential oils can be used for full-leg massage , Especially the pain parts, so that the foot more elegant, more flexible.


03, regular exfoliation


Usually the foot of the foot so easy to long-term accumulation of dead skin, resulting in dead skin. If you do not pay attention to care foot, then easily lead to foot odor, people very embarrassing. Therefore, the week to carry out one or two foot care, with dead skin rub or feet for scrub to remove the skin, with foot cream deep moisturizing the foot.


04, to use foot deodorant at any time management


Often barefoot wearing high heels or sandals, feet are very easy to sweat. Especially in the summer so hot weather, take off his shoes when the smell of the feet can be particularly fast and particularly far away, people very embarrassing. Use the foot deodorant spray can help you eliminate such an embarrassing moment. The foot spray helps to keep the feet moist and fundamentally solve the problems caused by sweat and odor.



Foot "red light" diagnosis of health


01, toes  


In general, the toes are long and large, the foot is thick and large, the main longevity, thin and short toe, foot narrow small master of the main Yao.


Due to the small toe for the foot of the origin of the kidneys, so the small toe thick thick thick kidney gas and more Sheng; small toe small thin skin kidney and more bad.


02, nails  


Healthy man's nails, white half-moon shape of the length of the nails 1/5, color pink, such as cherry petals;


If the nails have longitudinal stripes, it means that in extreme fatigue state, the body function is low;


The toes of the toes up the tilt of the people, the eyes are easy to fatigue, or myopia, astigmatism;


If the five toenails are cocked, it may be under considerable mental stress.


03, foot palm pattern


And then look at the foot palm pattern, if the lines are very obvious, the spirit may be more melancholy ;


The ventral skin of the ventral reticulate, and there are pinhole-like damage to women, there may be gonadal endocrine disorders of various symptoms, such as menstrual disorders, loss of libido and so on.


04, posture    


Observing the foot posture also helps to detect disease. In the prone position, the normal for the two toes opposite the eight character type ; if the left toe outward, may be the left side of the heart problems; if the right toe outward, may be the right kidney and heart is not good.


In the supine, the normal for the heel against; toes outward outside the eight character type, if the toes do not naturally stretch down pressure, this person's lung elasticity is not good, susceptible to emphysema.


05, toes hard


When walking, the soles of the feet, toes are not evenly weighted, but also have their specific meaning. For example, the soles of the soles of the feet will be thinner, this person may be susceptible to liver disease; small toe soles are more obvious, may be heart sick; heel soles obviously worn, suggesting that the kidney is faulty.



Bedtime care is important


The bottom of the foot there are the reflex zones of the organs, some organs after the disease, can be reflected in its reflective area. Massage and stimulate the corresponding reflex zones, can promote local blood circulation, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment.


01, rub your toes


Rubbing toes with enhanced memory. Rubbing the toes method is very simple, you can grasp the feet of the big toes to do round rubbing exercise, rubbing a few times a day indefinite, but each need 2-3 minutes. Because memory, computing power is related to the brain, Chinese medicine that "kidney main possession, through the brain", so the memory, the calculation function by the kidney by the main, and small toe is the foot Shaoyin kidney by the initial site, so rub The little toe helps to enhance memory and computing power. Can be done by hand circular motion to rub the little toe and its outside, as long as before going to bed or rest when rubbing for 5 minutes on the line.


Rub the feet before the best feet first wash with warm water, one is pay attention to personal hygiene, and second, warm water can promote blood circulation, the effect will be better.


02, foot massage


Insomnia when you can let the feet together and rub each other, so that blood circulation. Until the feet feel warm, they can sound in a short time to sleep. Method is to sit on the bed, lift his feet hard to friction with each other. If both hands also carry out friction at the same time better. As long as the friction about 20 times, the feet will feel warm, sleep will come.


03, percussion foot


Every night before going to bed with a fist tapping the soles of the feet, you can eliminate the day fatigue, promote systemic blood circulation, so that visceral function to strengthen and restore energy. The correct way is to the soles of the feet as the center, rhythmic, with a slight pain for the degree of each foot about 100 times.


04, feet shaking


Systemic blood circulation is poor, it will occur the phenomenon of visceral disorders, headache, loss of appetite and other signs. Simple foot local irritation can promote blood circulation. Supine in bed, let the feet in the air shaking, and then like a bike to let the feet as the rotation. Lasting 5 to 6 minutes, the whole body blood circulation will be improved. Those who are cold in winter If you practice this method, you will feel warmer and help improve sleep.


05, barefoot walking


The biggest advantage of this method is to make the palm of your hand a chance to get exercise. Foot palm is to maintain an important part of the human body balance, healthy people have a strong soles of the feet. Walk as much as possible to make the palm of your hand to stimulate, you can try to take the pebble road. Let the fingers move is also a big advantage of barefoot walking. For the health of the body, please always pay attention to our foot problems!

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