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Foot care 1

Date: 2017-09-11
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Cinderella's feet

Release Date: 2017-04-25


Live version of "Cinderella" you read it? In addition to the United States into the immortal fantasy blue skirt, Cinderella's Fengtao Breast, as well as the prince's bumps pants, the whole film is the most memorable is the prince for the Cinderella wear crystal shoes moment, shoes The United States has no need to elaborate, Cinderella perennial dry but still white and delicate glowing light of the feet is the focus of our attention!


Foot care

Foot care

"Cinderella" actress Lily - James

      Look at the "Cinderella" actress Lily - James's feet, no film effects are still full of whitening

      After watching the feet of Cinderella, and then look down at their own dead skin calluses, dark rough, but also keep the flip flops tree roots, even if the prince is willing to wear crystal shoes for you, you did not face Come out?

 Teach you 6 strokes into the Cinderella-like beauty

      Usually always neglected foot care, while now quickly pay attention to raise a pair of Cinderella-like white tenderness patience, patiently waiting for the prince for you to wear crystal shoes dream moment it!

Foot care 

      1, foot whitening - foot cover + foot film

      Speaking of foot whitening you may be stingy. Usually only concerned about how to make his face look more white, but the feet of the skin are usually automatically ignored it ... ... but you did not find the feet still left the summer wearing a word dragged by the sun drying out "slippers printed" ? Before the summer comes, do not ignore your feet. Hurry to take measures to give your feet a little whitening care!

      Foot often rubbed with the shoes may be vulnerable to injury or produce pigmentation, so in the daily wear shoes, do not forget to prepare some foot care to prevent the foot and shoes transition friction. In the summer outdoor activities, do not forget to apply some sunscreen sun, to minimize the sun damage. In addition, you can also choose some with a whitening moisturizing function of the foot care film, regular week for the foot to make a whitening spa.

Foot care 

      2, moisture - moisturizing cream + socks

      Do not think that every day do not see the day to ignore the moisture of the foot skin. After a day to go home, you can use warm feet, you can also regularly do to the foot off the horny care. After doing these two steps, do not forget to hurry to the feet coated with moisturizing cream, and then put on socks. The reason for this is because just after the hot water soaked feet skin pores open, if not timely moisture and protection, it is easy to let the feet cold and not moisturizing effect. So, you can try to sleep at night wearing a comfortable cotton socks, so that the feet can be in a warm all night and moisturizing state. After getting up, you can see the pleasant white and tender effect Oh!

Foot care 

      3, in addition to edema - essential oil + massage

      Whether it is walking or sedentary, feet are prone to edema. A pair of fat feet, but can not wear crystal shoes! do not worry. Every day after get off work from home, you can use essential oils + massage method for the feet to extract, ease edema. Massage parts can be calf and below, to "from top to bottom" direction massage, dredge. Promote blood circulation.

      In addition, in addition to massage there is a more simple way Oh! You only need to lie in bed, the legs raised on the wall, static for a few minutes, this can speed up the calf and foot blood back to ease the swelling.

Foot care 

      4, exfoliating - grinding feet

      The root of the "root of the tree" is the thickening of the horny, our heel to support the weight of the body, day after day walking, friction will stimulate the skin of the skin layer of the skin to produce a defensive effect, by increasing the thickness to protect the skin , Eventually leading to thickening of dead skin hardening is difficult to deal with.

      In fact, do not go to the beauty salon, DIY at home can DIY exfoliation, the cycle once a week:

      Step 1: Prepare a bucket of hot water, soothe the feet for 20-30 minutes, soften the dead skin. (In the water by adding a teaspoon of soda powder helps to exfoliate, but also make the skin more tender Oh ~)

      Step 2: with a millstone or grinding rods will be dry to remove the horny skin, fingers with the way to massage, to dead skin effect more;

      Step 3: the last wash with water, coated with frostbite can be.

Foot care 

      5, deodorant itching - food foot bath

      Want to wear crystal shoes first remove the foot odor problems, many people are troubled by the foot odor are due to the soles of the feet sweating reason. You have to know that the human feet have 620 or so sweat glands per square centimeter. While the other parts of the body the same area is only 143 to 339, palms, soles of the feet than other parts of the sweat glands more than several times. Deodorant itching is a soft sister of the basic qualities ~

      The following teach you a few strokes with ingredients can easily fight against Hong Kong feet tips.

      1. rice vinegar: foot bath in the water by adding 10 to 15 ml of vinegar, even after stirring soak for 15 minutes, once a day, continuous soak three to four days effect is remarkable.

      2. salt ginger water: the same in the hot water put appropriate salt and ginger, the feet soak for 15 minutes after the massage, not only in addition to foot odor can drive a whole day of physical fatigue.

      3. radish: white radish half cut into thin slices, add the appropriate amount of water into the pot, stir boil 3 minutes and then slow fire boil for 5 minutes. With Aohao radish water feet, stick a few days to remove the foot odor.

Foot care 

      6, nail care - nail nutrition oil

      This step is to divide the level of the watershed, a "armed" to the toenails of the future of a woman must be brilliant!

      Daily nail care is best to use rich moisturizing ingredients of the armor cream or nail nutrition oil, while smearing on the nails can also be the way to protect the skin around the week. Need to pay attention to the nail care there are corresponding tools to choose from, in addition to brush products, ball-type finger nutrition oil is also very convenient to use, relative to the fingers, professional smearing tools can ensure that nourishing oil fully taken into account Every nail and nail edge of the dry skin Oh.

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