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Hair loss, dry, hair is always unsatisfactory? It's important to find a way to keep your hair ready!

Date: 2017-09-10
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Hair loss, dry, hair is always unsatisfactory? It's important to find a way to keep your hair ready!

There is a saying called "Hair is a woman's life", we can see the appearance of hair on a woman plays a vital role with. In order not to let the soft, sparse hair, giving "old" impression, we have to do the right scalp and hair care.

Hair loss, dry, hair is always unsatisfactory?  It's important to find a way to keep your hair ready! 

Does it feel that with age, hair volume decreases, but also difficult to care? Among them, "hair less" "hair loss"

Is the old impression of the culprit.


The woman hair loss, hair less for a lot of reasons, mainly because of slow blood circulation and female hormone secretion caused by the reduction. Scalp blood flow slows down, can not produce hair to the hair cells to provide nutrition and oxygen, it can not generate healthy hair.

In addition, female hormones and maintain the healthy hair of the collagen involved. So the president of Hamamatsu said: "Women 's hormone reduction, will cause the sofa, dry, hair thinning, etc. hair changes. 40 - year - old women will have a lot of hair trouble, because the amount of hormones is drastically reduced.

Hair loss, dry, hair is always unsatisfactory?  It's important to find a way to keep your hair ready! 


In addition, the lack of collagen supply, the scalp will be thinner, hair treatment specialist hospital Osaka Osaka Osaka Osaka, said : "This will be unable to support the newly generated hair, may be more easily hair loss.


With age, female hormones will naturally decrease. So in Bang Dean said : "At least you want to take good care of the hair in everyday life which need to ensure Ping Heng diet, intake of protein, zinc, vitamins, etc., but also to ensure adequate sleep Also, wash the hair dry naturally breed bacteria,. So be sure to use hair dryer to dry hair and scalp.


Suitable fit their hair Paul raising method

Oily type maintenance   

       a. often shampoo, clean scalp grease, dirt ;

b. Do not use the hot water temperature shampoo, so as not to stimulate oil secretion ;

c. conditioner should only be painted on the dry, do not wipe the scalp ;

d. Do not often use a hair comb, should be comb instead of hair brush, and only comb hair. [3] 

e. When necessary, wash every 12 hours

Dry type maintenance

      a. two months cut a hair

     b. less hair

     c. pay attention to blowing

     d. long curly hair to be more hard hair care

     e. for a silk pillowcase

Mixed hair care

a. focus on repair dry, to avoid hair split or broken;

b. stop hair hair hair, pruning dry hair dry, so that hair is cultivated;

c. use moisturizing conditioner, pay attention to head massage;

       d. improve personal diet, eat less greasy food, increase the intake of black food.

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