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Facial beauty

Date: 2017-09-05
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Facial beauty

Many people use a variety of cosmetics to modify the face, to achieve the purpose of facial beauty. Facial beauty, including cheek beauty, eye beauty

Cheek beautiful

Lubrication: the remaining eggs in the egg shell painted on the face, washed after 15 minutes, can make the skin moist and smooth.

Exquisite: an egg, a tablespoon of milk, a spoonful of honey mixed, deposited in the face and neck, hardened with warm water, and then cold water, can make the skin delicate.

Desalination freckles: lemon and cucumber skin, can make freckles fade.

Reduce the pores: with salt and skim milk mixed into a paste, coated with thick pores, washed with warm water for 10 minutes. l weeks several times, the pores will gradually shrink.

Lip beauty

(L) to keep lipstick: use lipstick, lips on a little loose powder can make lipstick lasting.

(2) to change the lipstick: paint lipstick too bright, you can change the color of another different colors of lipstick.

Facial beauty

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