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What is the best time for a man to shave?

Date: 2017-09-04
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                          What is the best time for a man to shave?

The best time to shave in the morning, because this time our face and skin are in a relaxed state, to choose good quality, irritating small shaving cream, and gentle shaving water, first Clean your face, waiting for the pores open and relaxed when the beard becomes soft, and then start shaving. The order of operation should be like this, from your sideburns, cheeks, there is the neck around the lips and chin, shave after the use of warm water to wash your face, and then cold water again, this benefit is that we can help us open Of the pores shrink recovery, and then coated with some moisturizing milk and so on, to appease your skin, reduce the tingling, to ensure that all day special face.

Tips: To your face clean and shiny, men must quit smoking, because cigarettes contain a variety of harmful substances, such as nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide and so on, they can damage human health, the other skin dark no smoke Most of the people face gray and dry, more wrinkles, was old, teeth yellow hair, more serious vision, hearing loss, and even suffering from cancer.

Many people think that fast shaving is to use an electric shaver in the face of chaos can be compared, so less than two minutes will be able to finish, although there are the purpose of pruning beard, but there are bad places. First of all, because there is no lubrication effect of the shaving foam, in the face toss a pass is easy to strain the skin, Moreover, shaving is not clean. So now a lot of electric shavers are out of the wet and dry function, is aware of this.

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