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You should pay attention to these when you jog

Date: 2017-09-01
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Jogging as a healthy sport has attracted a lot of fanatical enthusiasts, but you have not noticed that many people's running posture is not correct. Many people are not injured after the knee is an ankle injury, most of the posture is not correct. So you need to master some of the correct running posture.

You should pay attention to these when you jog

First, the head should not lean forward or backward

When running, the head, neck, spine to keep in a straight line, to avoid the head forward or backward, even when the acceleration, the head and the body is also forward.

You should pay attention to these when you jog

Second, with the front foot to the ground

If you follow the heel, the impact and wear on the knee will be very large. Professional posture is the front foot to the ground, just started with this position when the calf may lead to muscle tension. So you can slowly transition, gradually accustomed to use the front foot to the ground position.

You should pay attention to these when you jog

Third, adjust the breathing

The key to breathing when running is that the inspiratory time is longer than the breath, which allows you to change your feet when exhale, without causing poor breathing. The recommended way is to use the nose to smoke twice the gas, and then spit with a gas, so that the rhythm of breathing can make you feel the most comfortable.

You should pay attention to these when you jog

Fourth, stretching is very important

No matter how stressed the running before and after the stretch is not excessive. If you do not want to make the calf thicker, or do not want to let the body discomfort, then must be stretched, running before running need.

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