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An Run Pu smart sports insoles, help intelligence can wear the development of the times

Date: 2017-08-30
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       China An Run Pu company based on exclusive patent SOFTCEPTORTM technology design and development of a smart insoles to attract a large number of media onlookers.

It is understood that SOFTCEPTORTM technology will be sensor technology and textile fabrics clever integration, the formation of implantable clothing sensor, can be collected, stretched, compressed bio-electrical signals for continuous monitoring of human breathing, heart rate, exercise, sleep, gait, etc. And other information.

Based on SOFTCEPTORTM technology research and development of intelligent insole basic and popular version of the two, are using rechargeable battery to provide energy in the continuous state of motion, the battery can be battery life up to ten hours, if used as a daily exercise, you can continue to use 7- 10 days. The design of the smart insoles continues the sporty style. Users in the use of smart insoles can be based on the APP on the phone to see their walking or running the number of steps, frequency, consumption calorie index and movement path.

An Run Pu smart sports insoles, help intelligence can wear the development of the times

An Run Pu smart sports insoles debut CES show, help intelligent wearable era development

In addition, the smart insoles can also analyze the user in the movement of the gait, the user in the process of using the smart insoles, if there is excessive movement or sports posture is not correct when it can be put forward by mobile phone APP early warning, so that users avoid sports injuries, effective To prevent "running knee" and other excessive movement of the adverse reactions.

In the daily work of people, sedentary and long time will bring such as lumbar disc herniation, knee, ankle strain and other health risks, the smart insole can count the user every day sitting, standing time and time distribution, the user can according to this data Adjust your habit of resting.

In the basic version of the smart insoles based on the popularity of the popular version of the smart insoles not only have all the basic version of the function, but also can monitor the inside and outside the foot of the state, not only to adapt to the sports crowd and professional sports, while the growth and development of young people Said it is also a very suitable product.

The introduction of foot health protection for smart insoles in the industry can be described as the first in the industry, according to analysts pointed out that this feature may lead to re-layout of the sports market. It is understood that the basic version of the smart insoles and popular version will soon be listed this summer.

An Run Pu smart sports insoles, help intelligence can wear the development of the times

"As a science and technology sporting goods company, An Runpu specializes in the use of scientific and technological strength to help sports products, advocate intelligent sports lifestyle in the future will always be active R & D and technological innovation," he said in an interview with CEO Wang Guangfeng. , So that ordinary people enjoy the high - quality intelligent wear products, improve the quality of healthy living.

An Run Pu smart sports insoles debut CES show, help intelligent wearable era development


At this CES show, the United States Amazon has been thrown into the olive branch of Anrun, An Run Pu as its first study of the cooperation of the company. At the same time, Anrun also demonstrated based on SOFTCEPTORTM technology developed for different areas of intelligent wearable products: such as focusing on monitoring the heart rate of intelligent breathing zone, pay attention to physical health of men's smart underwear, as well as for business contacts Smart business cards and so on. These intelligent products that surround the Internet of Things era will provide consumers with a more convenient experience in the future for both work and life.

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