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This Is How Much Beauty Products and Services Cost Around the World

Date: 2017-06-30
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Drugstore beauty products are on the up and up, and examples are abundant. The other day we told the tale of L'Oréal's incredible new mascara, and then there was E.L.F.'s $4 highlighter, which is like portable candlelight. And who could forget the $7 foundation that 25,000 people signed up for? It's been a glorious few years of falling costs for rising quality, but here's something interesting: A new study from global online retailer Linio just came out on the cost of beauty products and services around the world, and the results are pretty fascinating.

According to the report, the U.S. is killing it on the cheap-makeup front. We've got the fifth-cheapest mascaras in all the land, sixth-cheapest eyeshadows, and eighth-cheapest foundations (and they're not just cheap, they're good). Our lipstick average is a little higher, landing splat in the middle of the 50-country ranking with the twenty-second cheapest lipstick. It's a $37 average, which we'll attribute to outliers like Louboutin's "I hate money, take it away from me" $90 lipstick.

Meanwhile, lipstick in Venezuela will cost you a cool $1,100. Foundation? $12,531, please. Perfume clocks in at $13,988. To be fair, Linio notes that Venezuela currently has an inflation crisis, and their exchange rate to the U.S. dollar is incredibly unbalanced, so those numbers are a tad misleading. Still, our eyes fell out of our head when we saw them. So things could be worse when it comes to cosmetics in the U.S., but they could also be much, much better: Even with our plethora of cheap makeup, the U.S. still comes in at the seventh-most-expensive country in the world for beauty products.

It appears mostly to be coming from high prices for personal care services and cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasties and breast augmentations, with the U.S. placing second most expensive in the world for both procedures. For services, a Brazilian wax on average costs $37.50 here, compared with $5.81 in Egypt (gasp). The mani-pedi ranking gives the best perspective: It's $80.35 in Denmark, $36 in the U.S., and $4 in Colombia.

Linio says that comes from the high costs of living here (and in likewise pricey places like Australia and Northern Europe), so consider it a good thing our services require a bigger bill—we're glad beauty professionals earn a living wage, especially given the meaningful work they do. (That said, there's still a long way to go with fair wages and working conditions.) And while makeup here is cheap, Europe has its rigorous makeup regulations to contend with. So its cosmetics might be pricier, but people know they're getting certified good stuff. The FDA is much less hands-on.

The stats are definitely an interesting look at how accessible beauty is by country (and where you should by no means forget your lipstick), but listen, most infuriating is how the price of men's and women's haircuts stack up. The one category where men's prices are included adds insult to injury, with major disparities everywhere. Just in the U.S., we're looking at a $73.33 to $17.50 difference. From Venezuela ($123.96 to $53.20) to Egypt ($5.25 to $2.49), men pay half to a third of what women do for a cut. Yes, we know typically men have less hair and the cuts are less involved, but it's still a bummer nonetheless. There is but one acronym for this, and it's SMH.


Anyways. At least we have cheap mascara.





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