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Virtual reality VR glasses in lifting engineering real training

Date: 2016-06-14
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Virtual reality head-mounted display device, referred to as the VR head was VR glasses, is the product using simulation technology and computer graphics technology MMI multimedia technology sensor technology network technology and other technical collection, is the use of computers and the latest sensor technology to create a new and interactive means.

  Rui Pui found a few years ago still remain in the science fiction movies of virtual reality technology, in today's rapidly evolving "VR glasses" and the popularity of smart phones is becoming a reality, and are in various ways into the various sectors, including small we the public no longer a small minority of the lifting industry.

 VR glasses changed in the past only in the computer next to open with a crane handle virtual training methods, the introduction of VR glasses can make rigger into the simulation lifting project site, simulation rigger command scenarios.


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