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VR movie not far from Hollywood directing Spielberg will launch its work

Date: 2016-06-12
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VR电影不远了 好莱坞名导斯皮尔伯格将推出其作品

For Spielberg's content plan, we not surprised. In this year's Cannes Film Festival, Spielberg said in an interview, VR future could "seek towards the throne." In his view, VR is a "medium risk" for filmmakers. Because of the reduced VR 360-degree view of the director's position, camera language is no longer important.

Today, the company VR The Virtual Reality (hereinafter referred to as "VRC") has been awarded $ 23 million in venture capital, when revealed, the company's shareholders Spielberg will produce family-oriented VR content (original family-oriented VR program). This is specifically what it means, and no other explanation. However, most of the outside world that this is VR movie subtext.
Whether this is a movie, or some video, with master "template" as a reference, I believe that VR movie will be showing a vitality, rather than confused. Earlier, the US science magazine "Scientific American" (Scientific American) issued a "censure" VR movies, indicating that it wanted to replace the movie in the foreseeable future.
Unfortunately, Spielberg more specific plan is still unknown, such as specific time and distribution methods. For the latter, VRC's CEOGuy Primus said it will build a website for the VR content. Therefore, as a fan, just wait Spielberg's masterpiece

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