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VR Qi wait and see no future in the game company? Not earlier start VR cake will be eaten

Date: 2016-06-06
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 Today, London, Framestore company floor cafe was packed with people, they have Framestore staff, a foreign correspondent, as well as relatives and friends of these people, most of them in high spirits look. It Framestore while standing in front of them, co-founder and chief creative director Mike McGee, it is clear that he was doing a speech. Mike McGee just talking about this topic is not Framestore success in Hollywood, such as "Gravity" in the visual effects, but also such as "The Martian" in large CGI image effect; nor Framestore achievements in the field of business, such as reducing Audrey Li Hepburn chocolate that support advertising. The McGee talk theme - Virtual Reality (VR).
McGee represents Framestore very optimistic about this new medium --VR. In fact Framestore long and Oculus, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR VR head and other significant has worked, and is also PlayStation VR and Microsoft HoloLens develop new business. Framestore enthusiasm and apathy VR game industry seems to form a sharp contrast - just yesterday, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said publicly that the company less likely to struggle in the VR front, in addition to other than high prices , Strauss Zelnick believes VR games require external environment for most people, difficult to achieve, so the company is not very optimistic about the VR. Gangster game company EA and Activision and Take-Two is also the same, but would like to "wait to see."
We know, Oculus Rift has long been regarded as a gaming platform, HTC Vive also by the world's largest computer gaming platform Steam support. And media reports indicate that the game company will invest missing or VR, the momentum is now busy popular spicy chicken, entered a not hot nor cold embarrassment. After all, there is no killer application, how people will buy VR head was it? Similarly, the head was not too many people buy (It is estimated Vive Steam sales or about 30,000), the game company and why invest?
But the problem is that, although the game industry is not optimistic about VR, VR even abandoned, but Hollywood and the visual effects industry, but when the VR treasure the same holding. Moreover, they produce VR contents is the best quality.
The earliest visual effects company began to set our sights on VR. Early in HTC Vive officially announced when, Framestore to make up the first motion-tracking VR experience, it uses its good film quality visual effects to motion capture technology was transferred to the head on. Eventually, "Merrell TrailScape" was born, people take their enjoyment 4D virtual mountaineering activities, of course, this requires experience in the external environment is not low - bridge, climbing wall, large fans. Framestore also Oculus Rift on the platform for the film "Interstellar" made another experience to rely on Unreal Engine 4, makes the experience who drove Endurance spaceship travel universe - apparently more than any company to create the game experience to be excellent .


Furthermore, Framestore Samsung also produced many virtual clips, such as one called "Marvel Avengers" movie, in which people experience the feeling of wearing a shirt Iron Man; it is also a BMW produced a "virtual driving a BMW" experience and a mini driving test. Of course, these are also to Unreal Engine 4 based production.


In addition to market-oriented and customer, Framestore also not forget the benefit of filmmakers, such as earlier it was to let the actors wear head feel the direct effect of the image around the CGI and motion capture technology by recording the actor's every movement, and connected to the screen altar director real-time control everything. McGee also hope CGI effects designers can boldly enter VR platform to display their greater talent.


Presumably this time someone will ask, video games go?


For the gaming industry, such as visual effects company Framestore actually know how to tell a story, but also has better graphics technology. But VR so young, we can not draw a conclusion, like Sony in the 1990s, the 3D technology into the PS to the problem, maybe there will be one company boldly VR game to flourish it. Although the head was really not ideal current sales, but game companies who are going to continue to sit still, they may be missing more than some investment, but the entire market.


There are of course willing to VR career adventure companies. Ubisoft Entertainment Software will soon release its VR game "agle Flight", the chipmaker AMD also being VR users to promote its new graphics cards, in addition to AMD is also working occupation Hollywood market, and actively offer to each studio technical assistance. There are also many companies have considered VR veteran. Such as Thorpe Park VR has been committed to build a theme park, The Void has been working with the motion tracking virtual wall to build the entertainment center, and can transform any environment into their own desired look. Oh, yes, The Void and recently in the movie "Ghostbusters" cooperation Oh! He was undoubtedly looking forward to.


Thus, the game industry's disregard for VR is completely derived from their short-sighted. Promoting the VR game a lot of sense. However, according to this scenario if the trend continues, the future users will probably not significant because the first game is good or bad to buy products because now most game companies still lukewarm on the VR, the future will be how many good VR games? There are too many potential VR (medicine, engineering, creation, etc., etc.), can only say that consumers and game makers really should not choose to ignore!


Maybe VR game will be the savior of Sony's PlayStation VR, because the public have easy access to it, get it in order to learn more about VR. Except that no piece of cake to start early on the VR, it may be splitting Oh, those earlier example VR coveted market sectors do there?


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