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Multi-level VR duo light intelligent glasses upcoming release of only 78g

Date: 2016-06-03
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IT168 information earlier FaceBook CEO Mark Zuckburg in interactive games with the President of India, said, very light level of wearing glasses will replace the heavy equipment, so that the virtual reality better integrated into people's daily lives. Very light level VR glasses will be the direction of the entire virtual reality industry efforts, a small bar of 10 years is expected. Now, cutting-edge enterprise Dlodlo (Multi-indole) has revealed edge, will be released weighing only 78g of VR glasses intelligent June 6.


多哚轻级VR智能眼镜即将发布 仅78g

VR smart glasses in a formal sense, redefined virtual reality

2015 The first Asian Consumer Electronics Show CES ASIA in Shanghai, 120g glasses style Dlodlo V1 engineering prototype first exhibited by the industry praise. It is understood, V1 appeared again, in the Shenzhen High-Tech Fair, its design and performance are great changes, weight reduced to 78g, body only 16mm.


多哚轻级VR智能眼镜即将发布 仅78g

Seventeenth session of the fair, the Russian Pavilion experience Dlodlo V1

Computers, mobile phones replacement for electronic products become thinner evolution trend of wearable devices, this trend has trained many fans, this will be seen virtual reality trend. Dlodlo V1 aviator sunglasses style design, more light, breaking the virtual reality device-specific helmet design, to bring new areas of VR imagination. Compare Samsung Gear VR as an imaging phone, run the main carrier helmet solutions, Dlodlo V1 but also have characteristics of mobile VR glasses: Wireless and thin enough, with a display screen, VR ROM, power supply systems.

At this stage, Dlodlo V1 is undoubtedly the full combination of visual aesthetic, functional value of VR smart glasses. A completely wireless VR device, the user need not be tied to the front of the computer, there is no need to put in front of a cell phone, you can at any time and place according to their needs or experience the virtual world to complete the work.

Create a full immersion would Dlodlo Glass V1 goal

Recently, Deutsche Bank released a "virtual reality will eventually succeed it?" The report states, a virtual reality most critical is to achieve full immersion, allowing the brain to recognize their full access to the new environment, and able to adapt to this new environment .


多哚轻级VR智能眼镜即将发布 仅78g


Seventeenth fair, immersive user experience Dlodlo V1 game

"We hope it (virtual reality devices) only has practical functional value, but also allow people from the heart like, very comfortable to be able to experience the cool features that make virtual reality into the life and work." This is the founding Dlodlo Li Gang and his team insist on people mind. We followed this goal, V1 in the sense of immersion foot effort from top to bottom:

"Dare to walk in front of people, often closer to the dream," said Li Gang, "Virtual reality is the next generation platform, if the carrier device does not meet the needs of the majority, then how about a technology can change the world?" To create light VR glasses, comfort became Dlodlo (multi-indole) starting point. The third generation machine engineering from 120g to 78g prototype fifth-generation, optical design, material selection and core algorithm was overthrown all over again, and finally comfort can be improved, reducing the oppression of the brain when worn, can forget the experience of those devices presence, better enjoy the virtual world. Leaner VR glasses richer application scenarios, enhanced applicability.

Dlodlo VR ROM operating system, allowed to have a PC or a game console release characteristics can also be used for a number of areas in terms of personal, educational, industrial manufacturing production, reducing the cost and easy to use, saving time cost of learning . It is understood, V1 at high cross at the display, the viewing angle reaches 100 °, the refresh rate of 90Hz, dynamic latency of less than 10ms, the breaking point, are all central to the achievement immersive. According to its exhibition staff revealed that the development team is working on capturing gestures and spatial positioning technology, whether the relevant information disclosed at the press conference, it is worth the wait.

The world will be born from time to time some of the product to overturn everything. VR field, carrying the entrance is particularly important, we need a VR helmet device, but the future will be light level VR market, Dlodlo (multi-indole) upcoming intelligent light level VR glasses will become a benchmark, and will promote its virtual reality leap forward, let us wait and see.



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