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Thin VR virtual reality glasses, unveiled US Summit

Date: 2016-06-03
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Recently, the "2016 International Virtual Reality Summit" was successfully held at Stanford University. The meeting was chaired by Stanford University, Silicon Valley, Zhongguancun Digital Innovation Alliance co-sponsored Beijing Ching Weixing Consulting Limited has undertaken, aimed at further explore the development direction of the global VR field, science and technology strategy research layout mode.


  Many US National Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering, more than many Oscar winners, MagicLeap, Jaunt VR, 8i, Vrse and other global concern VR founder, Google, Facebook / Oculus, Sony, Microsoft, Apple, Qualcomm, Head of GoPro, nVidia, Intel, AMD, HTC, Dolby, LucasFilm, Unity Labs and other world-renowned technology companies in the field of VR, Comtech core city / hard egg technology, only to see science and technology, multi-indole, Kunlun World Wide Web, Optoma Technology , experts allwinner technology, the peak cloud vision, Intentia-technology, science and technology Aguilar ratio, the number of coffee technology, Hao blue optoelectronics, video and other cutting-edge grid background VR China science and technology and related fields, founder nearly 300 people attended the this forum for the latest VR products, and the future development of the field of VR conducted in-depth exchanges.


  As a leader in the field of VR, multi-indole we invited to participate in this exchange of virtual reality technology feast. Multi-indole The CTO Longshoudan Fallon attended and published in "The World's lightest VR glass" as the theme of the speech, by the praise of honored guests, the atmosphere is very warm.

  In London Longshoudan opinion, VR future of the industry will enter the era of light and portable. Now that must be attached to a computer through a lot of data lines VR helmet, but is a transitional product, while such portable mobile dlodlo V1 VR is clearly more potential because it is more convenient to use more scenes. Although the performance of the PC, of course, is much better than a cell phone, but severe game consumer groups can not make VR become mass consumer electronics products.


Create a real sense of the VR product, it should look like glasses generally thin, beautiful, easy to carry and use, so that people's lives really easy, efficient and fun. From 2013 to now, we no longer all the time toward efforts in this direction. "on stage, multi-indole CTO Longshoudan Fallon stated intention entrepreneurial team, and to demonstrate the presence of guests of the team carefully developed Dlodlo Glass V1 smart glasses, one weighing only 78 grams, the thickness of 16 mm , shape and fashion sunglasses goes for VR headset display device. Tim Bajarjin Creative Strategies president in the "Times" has been called the "VR Holy Grail (Holy Grail of VR)


  "To meet the needs of more users, we design at the beginning, we put it designed to split structure, separate from the display side with the host system. He himself can use the system as an independent, self DLOS operating system can also be directly connecting the PC and the phone using the most. "Longshoudan London Dlodlo Glass V1 to explain how to implement adaptation and transmission.


  Longshoudan Lun said that the future multi-indole will continue to focus on the development of consumer-grade VR devices, and VR goggles for the carrier, through mutual support in hardware, software, applications, platforms, communities, and build an open ecosystem of VR to create a true virtual world.


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