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Will the virtual reality glasses become the trend in 2016?

Date: 2016-04-19
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Virtual reality has great potential, people are looking forward to the arrival of the era of VR, and now the virtual reality has come. Then, in 2016 will be the first year of the virtual reality industry outbreak it?

For the general public, virtual reality (VR) appears to be the only in science fiction movies before we can see. So far, there are still a lot of people think virtual reality technology is still in the stage of imagination of future technology. In fact, more and more VR equipment has really in appear in people's lives, the VR technology is gradually moving towards maturity. According to legend, now at least 2000 companies engaged in VR development.


2015, is virtual reality revealed Tau Kok in Sony's Playstation VR, Samsung gear VR, HTC vive, oculus rift... These products has from a few years ago the embryonic form, went to the production stage. In VR development company also more and more, virtual reality equipment gradually had already stepped entered the consumer market.

Actually, virtual reality and not in the past few years they have the fresh technology, early in 1838, British physicist Charles Wheatstone invented the first stereo microscope, namely through the dihedral angle mirror will single object reflection to the eyes, watch feeling is from three angles to observe the image, this is the prototype of the early virtual reality.

Virtual reality has a huge potential, people are looking forward to the arrival of the era of VR. As the technology giant to enter the field of virtual reality step of joining, in 2016 will have the influx of a large number of virtual reality hardware and software. Media has also been in the stir fried dishes, "2016 is virtual reality in the first year of the argument. Then the problem and virtual reality to how in 2016 the rapid popularization?? here together to follow 91 portal of the media industry is how to treat the 2016 VR technology development.

Content is the key


VR technology at home and abroad are not what is called the "threshold", any a VR company invested enough R & D (research talent force, funds can has a general level in the industry, but most companies in the content did not much achievement.

Future competition in the VR contents is the key and through the difficulties on the road to success. In view of the current state of development of the virtual reality hardware is almost doesn't make much of a difference, as now, the smart phone, basically see any difference. But from the content analysis, who did not make a stunning games or video, of course, virtual reality really explore only in the past few years began.

The combination of virtual reality and sports


Nowadays, there have been many by using virtual reality technology to play all kinds of sports. Last October, the NBA announced that for the fans to provide VR scene broadcast services, technology and application of VR NextVR in Golden State Warriors and New Orleans pelicans team game. In addition to the NBA, Nike Company to promote their latest shoes, put a VR promo, if if you have on hand there is any with VR display device, equipped with them again after watching this video can experience the Brazilian star Neymar on the pitch heroic the.

With VR viewing an event can provide a feeling of be personally on the scene for the user, we believe that this opportunity can be initially applied to live sports. Don't forget, CNN has by VR video stream and globally oriented 121 countries live Democratic presidential candidates debate.

With the virtual reality of a variety of sports events, although still in the trial stage, if more promotion, for the development of virtual reality will play a powerful role in boosting.



There may be a lot of people can not distinguish between VR and AR of the difference between vr virtual reality while AR is augmented reality, the difference is, VR on the projection on the screen in front of you 3D to simulate, and AR is directly in the environment of holographic projection. For a talk is that virtual reality is the experience of a closed, augmented reality allows the user to see the real world, also can be seen superimposed on the real object related information.

From the current point of view, virtual reality is more suitable for games, film and other fields, because the entertainment content often need to construct a virtual, is different from the reality of the scene. Augmented reality and virtual reality is a completely different experience. In simple terms, the augmented reality is in reality environment based on superposition of digital image. That is to say you can see the current environment, the Google glasses, Microsoft HoloLens products are is augmented reality devices because they have a clear lens.

Obviously, whether virtual reality and augmented reality, is to change the shape of human life in future technology. And at this stage, they also need to constantly improve, development, and achieve better use experience, allows users to truly experience to its value. In the future, augmented reality or will exist for virtual reality's biggest rival.

VR to promote the development of peripheral equipment.


In smartphones and tablet devices have suffered the winter time, virtual reality and related peripheral products become the winter in the hottest word. Virtual reality technology of hot, for the influence of the consumer electronics market are positive. In addition to the virtual reality equipment, smart phone or PC is often as VR equipment terminal server. In addition, game developers need a number of new game engine to develop a virtual reality game. Quasi reality technology development for the promotion of the industry as a whole are positive.

Some people say that virtual reality will be following the smartphone after another Chaoba technology circle the things. Now, smart phones have been shipped for life on the. And when the smartphone market has become saturated, a phenomenal consumer electronics category will be what? Obviously, virtual reality technology hopes so.



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