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Look, VR technology is such a subversion of the future life.

Date: 2016-04-19
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Can you imagine such a world? No cell phones, no movie theaters, and even all have screen products will disappear!

 The VR technology for all industries to bring change far more than imagination. Every now and can think of the media industry will be subverted.

 TV drama you are "Su Mei long"

 "Cinema will disappear." Huashan Capital founder, Managing Partner Raymond Yang says.

 People wear a helmet glasses at home will be able to experience the effect of IMAX movie level. In addition, some companies have begun shooting VR movies, this immersive movie more intense. Music, as the small-screen interaction entertainment business, senior director GAVIN, at present, the company is focusing on the explosion models of VR IP drama, then, wear a VR helmet, you're hot drama hero.

 With VR technology, after watching NBA fans do not have to fly to the United States "pilgrimage" of the. By VR live, immersive user can not only watch, but also can pick the location, you can buy the first row or the best location, you can also choose to sit behind, feel the charm of the game from all angles.

 Helmet turned "Birdman"

 With VR technology, you can even do both feet off the ground, in the living room will be able to experience the feeling of flying. Alvin W.Graylin president of HTC Vive Chinese district shows such a project: there is an eagle in the sky through Paris on the screen, the panoramic view of the entire city.

 Alvin W.Graylin introduced this project to each block of buildings of Paris are made of a 3D model, players wear a VR helmet incarnation eagle, waving the handle like waving wings, arms waving faster, the faster flying. In such a scenario, you can not only appreciate what it feels like when a bird, but also can learn French history and geography, to achieve the purpose of entertaining.

Future, VR will be able to play an active role in the education and training industry. In terms of driving simulation, VR has a great use of space. VR can provide almost the same experience with the real environment, and the necessary equipment is not complicated. Not only is the automobile, the airplane, "or even sitting at home, but also through VR glasses simulated on the 11th Apollo scene." Said Raymond Yang, then, will greatly reduce the cost of such training, more convenient.

 Choose renovation program no longer rely on imagination

 VR technology not only can be used to play games, watch movies, a little use, it can also help you decorate the house designer incarnation.

US House 365CEO hook Yu Dong said, VR technology will revolutionize the home improvement industry. When you modify the design, designers no longer need to repeat the rendering, repeating a map, virtual reality can do turn freely drag, real-time rendering, efficiency by 10 times or even 100 times. In the process of renovation and the user no longer rely on imagination, wearing VR helmets to see every detail, if not satisfied can handle one-button click Replace. Next to each piece of furniture is labeled with a virtual button, click that is able to see the price, the material and the purchase link, and click statistics after renovation, which will generate a key to the total price, the entire renovation program can also share your family through the micro-channel software friend.


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