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Unity VR Editor debut Netherlands show new features and announced the end of release

Date: 2016-06-06
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VR Editor is used to change how developers create games, and Unity let us know that it renders the concept of time has come.


Third demo Unity editor is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Unity Europe Keynote. When Principal Software Engineer Amir Ebrahimi came on stage to show a demo of this new concept as well as some new features when it confirmed it will be released in the fourth quarter of 2016. Ebrahimi again used the Oculus Rift Oculus Touch and with the use of location tracking controller, in a simple and intuitive way to enter a scene and customize the design.


This time the stage is by the Unity Asset Store Warzone Pack built a car based on the sci-fi experience and settings. Ebrahimi first demonstrated a background like Mars, and prebuilt base, add some additional vehicles. Then he was put on his head, a base into the vehicle but found some of them too. In order to reduce them one, he entered the Editor VR, on the mini-map in a named Chess Board to seize it, and narrow

After Ebrahimi established a base of opposition, in which arbitrary simply placed some buildings and fences, and then fine-tune their position by the Chess Board. He also details the "Play Mode", which enables the development and game testing done between seamlessly. Eventually he takes only a few minutes to complete the design on the original map, and see how a war in which staged.


With Ebrahimi off Rift, VR editors also publish this, but he also confirmed that all of the tools to show the source code will be open source, so that developers on Assets Store for the upcoming release of the editor for further expansion.


This development makes VR developers work more simple and effective, for those developers who need to create an interactive experience, but no experience, this development process is so easy to learn. The VR editor just to what stage of development remains to be seen, but it is worth looking forward to is the end of this year we will have the opportunity to use in contact with it to friends. Now we must look at Epic Games and Crytek response to this initiative in place.


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