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Avoid Mistakes Hair Cleaning Essential Care

Date: 2017-09-01
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Avoid Mistakes Hair Cleaning Essential Care

Men's understanding of hair care may be shampoo every day, for fear of oil impact image. This is a reason, but men have not considered cleaning hair may have gone into a misunderstanding? Not only will not protect the hair, but a mistake again and again, will cause hair loss, hair fragile problem.

Men's hair care three points:

Point one: every day shampoo will damage hair

Men's hair is not the daily shampoo is correct, but need to choose the oil control of the cleaning products, remove the grease without losing water. Every day shampoo will damage the concept of hair is wrong, clean is the fundamental health. Hair wash every day to ensure that the scalp is not blocked by grease and other, while the proposed conditional friends regularly go to a professional body to do deep scalp cleaners. Usually we use the shampoo can only do surface cleaning, a long time the root of the scalp will accumulate more dirt, hinder the normal growth of hair, if not timely to do deep cleaning, it is easy to cause hair loss.

Point two: hair most afraid of exposure to a long time

For summer hair care, hair should pay attention to sunscreen. Many people think that hair is to protect the scalp, sun drying anyway. This is quite wrong, the hair through the exposure, the water is easy to lose, scalp is high temperature stimulation, aggravating sweating, oil, hair will become very fragile, easy to fall off. This is why summer everyone's hair loss situation will be more serious important reason.

Points three: shampoo and hair care separately use

Many friends usually prefer to use the two-in-one care products, that the same time can not only wash the hair at the same time to do cleaning and care, and very save time, it is suitable for today's fast-paced lifestyle. Two-in-one product is unable to do while washing and protecting, do not go through cleaning to do care, the effect will be counterproductive, even the basic cleaning are not complete Therefore, we recommend that you choose a single wash single care products

Avoid Mistakes Hair Cleaning Essential Care

Shampoo Note:

Shampoo on the hair of the body is essential, if the method of improper shampoo, it will accelerate the hair break and fall off, increase the hair tangled, the correct method of shampoo can be said to be a hair skills. Hair should always be washed. But not every day wash, wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week can be. Shampoo is best to use a shower nozzle, the water temperature should not be too hot, too hot water will scald and damage the hair. Rinse your hair gently with your fingers from the front and back to the hair, wash off the hair on the surface of the dust, and make the hair completely wet.


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